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Birth Date: 4 June 1975
Birth Place: Grays
Known as: | Russell Edward Brand |
Sex: male
Height: 1.85 metre
Awards: | James Joyce Awards |
Birth date: 4 June 1975
Birth place: Grays
Death date: None
Death place: None
Death manner:
Death cause:
Place of burial: None
Time period: None
Father: None
Mother: None
Spouses: | Laura Gallacher |
Unmarried partners: | Jemima Goldsmith |
Native languages:
Writing languages:
All languages: | English | | English language in England |
Political parties:
Member of:
Religions: | Hinduism |
Ethnic groups:
Participant in:
Positions held:
Also known as: | Russell Edward Brand |
Native name: Russell Brand (English)
Birth name: Russell Edward Brand (English)
Married name: None
Family name: | Brand |
Official name: None
Copyright: None
Citizenship: | United Kingdom |
Medical conditions: | bipolar disorder |
Residence: | Los Angeles | | Shoreditch |
Net worth: None
Education: | Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts | | Drama Centre London |
Influenced by:
In works:
Described by: | Obalky |
Website: | |
Vk: None
Telegram: None
Work period start: 1994
Work period end: None
Work locations:
Fields of work:
Occupation: | actor | | columnist | | comedian | | television presenter | | film producer | | radio personality | | singer | | novelist | | poet | | musician | | playwright | | blogger | | autobiographer | | YouTuber | | journalist | | screenwriter | | stand-up comedian | | film actor | | guitarist | | television actor | | television producer |
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Russell Brand Biography and Interesting Facts

Russell Edward Brand (born 4 June 1975) is an English comedian and actor known for his flamboyant, loquacious style and manner. Brand has received three British Comedy Awards: Best Newcomer (2006), Best Live Stand-Up (2008), and the award for Outstanding Contribution to Comedy (2011). After beginning his career as a comedian and later becoming an MTV presenter in the UK, in 2004 Brand gained a role as the host of Big Brother's Big Mouth, a Big Brother spin-off. In 2007, he had his first major film role in St Trinian's, and the following year he landed a major role in the romantic comedy-drama Forgetting Sarah Marshall; the film led to him starring in a spin off, the rock comedy Get Him to the Greek, alongside Jonah Hill in 2010. He also worked as a voice actor in the animated films Despicable Me in 2010, Hop in 2011, and Despicable Me 2 in 2013, and played the title character of the 2011 remake of the romantic comedy Arthur. In 2013, he released the successful stand-up special Messiah Complex. Since guest-editing an edition of British political weekly New Statesman in 2013, Brand has become known as a public activist and campaigner, and has spoken on a wide range of political and cultural issues, including wealth inequality, addiction, corporate capitalism, climate change, and media bias. In 2014, he launched his political-comedy web series The Trews, released a book entitled Revolution, and began work on a documentary about financial inequality with Michael Winterbottom. Over the course of his career, Brand has been the subject of frequent media coverage and controversy for issues such as his promiscuity, drug use and political views, his outrageous behaviour at various award ceremonies, his dismissal from MTV and resignation from the BBC, and his two-year marriage to American singer Katy Perry. He has incorporated many of his controversial public acts into his comedic material. A biographical documentary called Brand: A Second Coming was released in 2015.

Early life

Russell Edward Brand was born in Orsett Hospital in Grays, Essex, England. He is the only child of Barbara Elizabeth (née Nichols) and photographer Ronald Henry Brand. Brand's parents separated when he was six months old, and he was raised by his mother.When Brand was 8, his mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer and then breast cancer one year later. While she underwent treatment, Brand lived with relatives. When he was 14, he suffered from bulimia nervosa. When he was 16, he left home because of disagreements with his mother's partner. Brand then started to use illegal drugs such as cannabis, amphetamines, LSD, and ecstasy. Brand was sexually abused by a tutor.Brand says he had a "strange relationship" with his father, whom he saw sporadically and who took him to visit prostitutes during a trip to Thailand when Brand was a teenager. He made his theatrical debut at the age of 15 in a school production of Bugsy Malone, and then began work as a film extra. Brand attended ... Read full biography