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Birth Date: 24 August 1947
Birth Place: Rio de Janeiro
Known as: | Paulo Coelho de Souza |
Sex: male
Awards: | Golden Feather | | Knight of the Legion of Honour | | Officer of Arts and Letters | | Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres |
Birth date: 24 August 1947
Birth place: Rio de Janeiro
Death date: None
Death place: None
Death manner:
Death cause:
Place of burial: None
Time period: None
Father: None
Mother: None
Spouses: | Christina Oiticica |
Unmarried partners: | Christina Oiticica |
Native languages:
Writing languages: | Portuguese |
All languages: | Portuguese |
Political parties:
Member of: Brazilian Academy of Letters
Religions: | Catholic Church |
Ethnic groups:
Participant in: | Timbalada concert |
Positions held:
Also known as: | Paulo Coelho de Souza |
Native name: Paulo Coelho (Portuguese)
Birth name: None
Married name: None
Family name: | Coelho |
Official name: None
Copyright: None
Citizenship: | Brazil |
Medical conditions:
Net worth: None
Education: | St. Ignatius College |
Influenced by: | Jorge Amado | | Henry Miller | | William Blake | | Christina Lamb | | Jorge Luis Borges |
In works:
Described by: | Obalky |
Website: | |
Tiktok: None
Vk: None
Telegram: None
Work period start: None
Work period end: None
Genres: - novel - - music of Brazil -
Work locations: | Brasília | | Tarbes |
Fields of work:
Occupation: | writer | | novelist | | blogger | | actor | | composer | | poet lawyer | | science fiction writer | | lyricist | | songwriter | | researcher |
Employer: | United Nations |
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Paulo Coelho Biography and Interesting Facts

Paulo Coelho de Souza (, Portuguese: [ˈpawlu kuˈeʎu]; born 24 August 1947) is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist and a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters since 2002. His novel The Alchemist became an international best-seller and he has published 28 more books since then.


Paulo Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and attended a Jesuit school. At 17, Coelho's parents committed him to a mental institution from which he escaped three times before being released at the age of 20. Coelho later remarked that "It wasn't that they wanted to hurt me, but they didn't know what to do... They did not do that to destroy me, they did that to save me." At his parents' wishes, Coelho enrolled in law school and abandoned his dream of becoming a writer. One year later, he dropped out and lived life as a hippie, traveling through South America, North Africa, Mexico, and Europe and started using drugs in the 1960s.Upon his return to Brazil, Coelho worked as a songwriter, composing lyrics for Elis Regina, Rita Lee, and Brazilian icon Raul Seixas. Composing with Raul led to Coelho being associated with magic and occultism, due to the content of some songs. He is often accused that these songs were rip-offs of foreign songs not well known in Brazil at the time. In 1974, by his account, he was arrested for "subversive" activities and tortured by the ruling military government, who had taken power ten years earlier and viewed his lyrics as left-wing and dangerous. Coelho also worked as an actor, journalist and theatre director before pursuing his writing career.Coelho married artist Christina Oiticica in 1980. Together they had previously spent half the year in Rio de Janeiro and the other half in a country house in the Pyrenees Mountains of France, but now the couple reside permanently in Geneva, Switzerland.In 1986 Coelho walked the 500-plus mile Road of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. On the path, he had a spiritual awakening, which he described autobiographically in The Pilgrimage. In an interview, Coelho stated "[In 1986], I was very happy in the things I was doing. I was doing something that gave me food and water – to use the metaphor in The Alchemist, I was working, I had a person whom I loved, I had money, but I was not fulfilling my dream. My dream was, and still is, to be a writer." Coelho would leave his lucrative career as a songwriter and pursue writing full-time. The Pilgrim – Story of Paulo Coelho is the international title for the biographical film Não Pare na Pista, a co-production between Brazil’s Drama Films and the Spanish Babel Films, in which the younger and older Coelho are played by two different actors. One of the producers, Iôna de Macêdo, told Screen International: "The film tells the story of a man who has a dream. It's a little like Alice in Wonderland – he's someone who is too big for his house." The film, shot in Portuguese, had its premiere in Brazilian theaters in 2014 and was internatio ... Read full biography