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Birth Date: 18 February 1933
Birth Place: Tokyo
Known as: | Ono Yōko | | Ono Yoko | | Ĭoko Ono | | Ono | | Yōko Ono | | Yoko Ono Lennon |
Sex: female
Awards: | Grammy Award for Album of the Year | | Grammy Award for Best Music Film | | Women's Caucus for Art Lifetime Achievement Award | | Distinguished Service to the Visual Arts Award | | MOJO Awards |
Nomitations: Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance Grammy Award for Best Music Film
Birth date: 18 February 1933
Birth place: Tokyo
Death date: None
Death place: None
Death manner:
Death cause:
Place of burial: None
Time period: 21st century
Father: None
Mother: Isoko Ono
Spouses: | Toshi Ichiyanagi | | Anthony Cox | | John Lennon |
Unmarried partners:
Children: | Sean Lennon | | Kyoko Ono Cox |
Native languages: | Japanese |
Writing languages:
All languages: | English | | Japanese |
Political parties:
Member of:
Ethnic groups: | Japanese American | | Japanese people |
Movements: | Fluxus |
Participant in: | Documenta 5 | | documenta 8 | | Dialogue for Catalonia | | Destruction in Art Symposium |
Positions held:
Also known as: | Ono Yōko | | Ono Yoko | | Ĭoko Ono | | Ono | | Yōko Ono | | Yoko Ono Lennon |
Native name: オノ・ヨーコ (Japanese)
Birth name: 小野 洋子 (Japanese)
Married name: None
Family name: | Ono |
Pseudonyms: | Ono, Yoko ; 小野, 洋子‏; 大野洋子; O., Y.‏ |
Official name: None
Copyright: works protected by copyrights
Citizenship: | Japan | | United States of America |
Events: | The Beatles' rooftop concert |
Medical conditions:
Residence: | Tokyo | | New York City | | London |
Net worth: None
Education: | Gakushuin University |
Influenced by: | Allan Kaprow |
In works:
Described by: | UbuWeb | | Obalky knih.cz | | Metropolitan Museum of Art Constituent Database |
Website: | http://www.imaginepeace.com |
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YokoOno
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yokoono/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuVqmTud-MTtn01ZXpDnu6w
Tiktok: None
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yokoono
Vk: None
Telegram: None
Work period start: 1961
Work period end: None
Floruit: | 1980 |
Genres: - rock music - - Fluxus - - Shibuya-kei - - experimental music - - electronica - - pop music - - new wave - - avant-garde - - conceptual art - - dance music - - alternative rock - - electronic music - - vanguard -
Work locations: | New York City | | Amsterdam | | Montreal | | Japan | | London |
Fields of work:
Occupation: | peace activist | | singer | | musician | | artist | | composer | | performance artist | | painter | | recording artist | | film director | | photographer | | sculptor | | conceptual artist | | visual artist | | filmmaker |
Owner of: 251 Menlove Avenue
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Yoko Ono Biography and Interesting Facts

Yoko Ono ( OH-noh; Japanese: 小野 洋子, romanized: Ono Yōko, usually spelled in katakana オノ・ヨーコ; born February 18, 1933) is a Japanese multimedia artist, singer, songwriter, and peace activist. Her work also encompasses performance art and filmmaking.Ono grew up in Tokyo and moved to New York City in 1953 with her family. She became involved with New York City's downtown artists scene in the early 1960s, which included the Fluxus group, and became well known in 1969 when she married English musician John Lennon of the Beatles. The couple used their honeymoon as a stage for public protests against the Vietnam War. She and Lennon remained married until he was murdered in front of the couple's apartment building, the Dakota, on 8 December 1980. Together they had one son, Sean, who later also became a musician. Ono began a career in popular music in 1969, forming the Plastic Ono Band with Lennon and producing a number of avant-garde music albums in the 1970s. She achieved commercial and critical acclaim in 1980 with the chart-topping album Double Fantasy, a collaboration with Lennon that was released three weeks before his murder, winning the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. To date, she has had twelve number one singles on the US Dance charts, and in 2016 was named the 11th most successful dance club artist of all time by Billboard magazine. Many musicians have paid tribute to Ono as an artist in her own right and as a muse and icon, including Elvis Costello, the B-52's, Sonic Youth and Meredith Monk.As Lennon's widow, Ono works to preserve his legacy. She funded the Strawberry Fields memorial in Manhattan's Central Park, the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, and the John Lennon Museum in Saitama, Japan (which closed in 2010). She has made significant philanthropic contributions to the arts, peace, disaster relief in Japan and the Philippines, and other such causes. In 2002, she inaugurated a biennial $50,000 LennonOno Grant for Peace. In 2012, she received the Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt Human Rights Award and co-founded the group Artists Against Fracking.


Early life and family

Ono was born on February 18, 1933, in Tokyo City, to Isoko Ono (小野 磯子, Ono Isoko) (1911-1999) and Eisuke Ono (小野 英輔, Ono Eisuke), a wealthy banker and former classical pianist. Isoko's adoptive maternal grandfather Zenjiro Yasuda (安田 善次郎, Yasuda Zenjirō) was an affiliate of the Yasuda clan and zaibatsu. Eisuke came from a long line of samurai warrior-scholars. The kanji translation of Yōko (洋子) means "ocean child". Two weeks before Ono's birth, Eisuke was transferred to San Francisco, California by his employer, the Yokohama Specie Bank. The rest of the family followed soon after, with Ono first meeting her father when she was two years old. Her younger brother Keisuke was born in December 1936.In 1937, the family was transferred back to Japan, and Ono enrolled at Tokyo's elite Gakushūin (also known as the Peers School), one of the most exclusive scho ... Read full biography