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Birth Date: 30 August 1950
Birth Place: London
Known as: | Antony Mark David Gormley | | Sir Antony Mark David Gormley | | Anthony Gormley |
Sex: male
Awards: | Turner Prize | | Laurence Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance | | Officer of the Order of the British Empire | | Praemium Imperiale | | Knight Bachelor |
Birth date: 30 August 1950
Birth place: London
Death date: None
Death place: None
Death manner:
Death cause:
Place of burial: None
Time period: None
Father: None
Mother: None
Spouses: | Vicken Parsons |
Unmarried partners:
Native languages:
Writing languages:
All languages: | English |
Political parties:
Member of: Royal Academy of Arts
Ethnic groups:
Movements: | contemporary art |
Participant in: | documenta 8 |
Positions held:
Also known as: | Antony Mark David Gormley | | Sir Antony Mark David Gormley | | Anthony Gormley |
Native name: None
Birth name: None
Married name: None
Family name: | Gormley |
Official name: None
Copyright: works protected by copyrights
Citizenship: | United Kingdom |
Medical conditions:
Net worth: None
Education: | Ampleforth College | | Trinity College | | Central Saint Martins | | Goldsmiths, University of London | | Slade School of Fine Art | | Saint Martin's School of Art |
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Work period start: None
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Genres: - figurative art - - public art -
Work locations: | London |
Fields of work: | art of sculpture |
Occupation: | sculptor | | scenographer | | photographer | | drawer | | installation artist |
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Antony Gormley Biography and Interesting Facts

Sir Antony Mark David Gormley (born 30 August 1950) is a British sculptor. His works include the Angel of the North, a public sculpture in Gateshead in the north of England, commissioned in 1994 and erected in February 1998; Another Place on Crosby Beach near Liverpool; and Event Horizon, a multipart site installation which premiered in London in 2007, then subsequently in Madison Square in New York City (2010), São Paulo, Brazil (2012), and Hong Kong (2015–16).

Early life

Gormley was born in London, the youngest of seven children, to a German mother and a father of Irish descent. His paternal grandfather was an Irish Catholic from Derry who settled in Walsall in Staffordshire. The ancestral homeland of the Gormley Clan (Irish: Ó Goirmleadhaigh) in Ulster was East Donegal and West Tyrone, with most people in both Derry and Strabane being of County Donegal origin. Gormley has stated that his parents chose his initials, "AMDG", to have the inference Ad maiorem Dei gloriam – "to the greater glory of God".Gormley grew up in a Roman Catholic family living in Hampstead Garden Suburb. He attended Ampleforth College, a Benedictine boarding school in Yorkshire, before reading archaeology, anthropology, and the history of art at Trinity College, Cambridge, from 1968 to 1971. He travelled to India and the Dominion of Ceylon / Sri Lanka to learn more about Buddhism between 1971 and 1974.After attending Saint Martin's School of Art and Goldsmiths in London from 1974, he completed his studies with a postgraduate course in sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art, between 1977 and 1979.

Personal life

While at the Slade, Gormley met Vicken Parsons, who was to become his assistant, and in 1980, his wife, as well as a successful artist in her own right. Gormley said of her: For the first 15 years she was my primary assistant. She did all of the body moulding... I think there are a lot of myths that art is made by, usually, lone men... I just feel so lucky and so blessed really, that I have such a strong supporter, and lover, and fellow artist. The couple have a daughter and two sons.In June 2022 Gormley said that he had applied for German citizenship, to which he is entitled through his German mother, after describing Brexit as "a practical disaster" and a "betrayal". He expected to receive his new passport within the next month.


Gormley's career began with a solo exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in 1981. Almost all his work takes the human body as its subject, with his own body used in many works as the basis for metal castings. Gormley describes his work as "an attempt to materialise the place at the other side of appearance where we all live." Many of his works are based on moulds taken from his own body, or "the closest experience of matter that I will ever have and the only part of the material world that I live inside." His work attempts to treat the body not as an object, but as a place and in making works ... Read full biography