Tattoo Tarot : Ink & Intuition

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Tattoo Tarot : Ink & Intuition
Author: Megamunden Diana McMahon-Collis
Rating: 4.31
Bestsellers Rate: 38636
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
Book Format: Cards
Binding: None
Pages: 78
Hours of reading: 1.3 hours
Publication Date: 2021
Languages: | English |
Price: 16,60 €

About the book

This beautifully illustrated set of fully functional tarot cards is based on traditional tarot iconography as interpreted by MEGAMUNDEN, author of Tattoo Postcards and the best-selling Tattoo Colouring Book. The set contains the 78 cards of the tarot deck, luxuriously packaged in a gift box. A 28-page booklet explains how to interpret the cards and conduct your own readings, gaining a fascinating insight into what lies ahead and a fresh perspective on important themes and opportunities to watch for.




"Looking for a fun new deck? Tattoo Tarot is beautifully illustrated and a new twist on the traditional deck" - Kindred Spirit

Megamunden Biography

Megamunden is a UK-based illustrator whose commissions range from illustrations for advertising, fashion, product design and publishing to large-scale murals and tattoo designs. He is currently working as a Senior Designer at multidisciplinary design agency ILoveDust. ... Read full biography

Authors: Megamunden Diana McMahon-Collis
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
Languages: | English |
Original Language:
ISBN13: 9781786272058
ISBN10: 1786272059
Reference Edition:
Edition: None
Edition Statement: None
Illustrations: 78 farbig illustrierte Sielkarten in Schmuckschachtel
Literature Country: None
Literature Period: None
Book Format: Cards
Book Binding: None
Paper: None
Font: None
Pages: 78
Book Weight: 453.59
Book Dimensions: 108x160x53.34
Circulation: None
Publication date: Aug. 21, 2018
First Publication Date: None
Publication City/Country: London, United Kingdom

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