First Lessons in Bach 1 & 2 Complete

First Lessons in Bach 1 & 2 Complete
Author: Walter Carroll
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Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
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Pages: 37
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Publication Date: 2021
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(Piano Collection). Books I and II of this traditional edition in Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics have been combined in an affordable new volume. An excellent resource for Late Elementary to Early Intermediate pianists. Contents: Minuet in G Major, BWV App. 114 * Minuet in G minor, BWV App. 115 * Minuet in G Major, BWV App. 116 * Polonaise in G minor, BWV App. 119 * March in D Major, BWV 122 * Minuet in G Major from Overture in G minor, BWV 822 * Minuet in G minor from Overture in G minor, BWV 822 * Minuet in G minor (II) from Overture in G minor, BWV 822 * March in G Major, BWV App. 124 * Minuet in D minor, BWV App. 132 * Musett in G Major from English Suite No. 3, BWV 808 * Bourree in E minor from Lute Suite No. 1, BWV 996 * Musette in D Major, BWV App. 126 * Minuet in C minor, BWV App. 121 * Gavotte in G minor from Overture in G minor, BWV 822 * March in E-flat Major, BWV App. 127 * Polonaise in G minor BWV App. 125 * Gavotte in D Major from English Suite No. 6, BWV 811 * Polonaise in G Major, BWV App. 130 * Gavotte in G minor from English Suite No. 3, BWV 808 * Minuet in F Major from Overture in F Major, BWV 820 * Polonaise in G minor, BWV App. 123 * Gavotte in G Major from French Suite No. 5, BWV 816 * Minuet in E Major from French Suite No. 6 in E Major, BWV 817 * Scherzo in A minor from Partita No. 3, BWV 827 * Sarabande in E minor from English Suite No. 5, BWV 810 * Minuet in C minor from French Suite No. 2 in C minor, BWV 813 * Prelude in F minor from Suite in F minor, BWV 823





Walter Carroll Biography

Walter Carroll (4 July 1869 - 9 October 1955) was an English composer, music lecturer and author. He was born at 156 Great Ducie Street in the Cheetham district of Manchester.

Early life and education

He was a pupil at Longsight High School, Manchester. Leaving school at the age of 14, he went to work at the Manchester textile firm of J. N Phillips and Co., learning office routine and account keeping. Joining the choir of St. John Chrysostom Anglican church, Victoria Park in 1886, he studied with the organist there, Frederick Pugh. He composed music for the choir there and became the librarian. In 1887, he also joined the Halle Choir in Manchester which broadened his choral experience widely.

Student and early lectureships

In 1888, Carroll (on the advice of Pugh) joined Owens College (later to become part of the Victoria University of Manchester) where he studied advanced music theory with Henry Hiles. In 1890, in the absence of a Music degree at Manchester, Carroll entered for the external Mus. B. degree of the Durham University. This was also the first year of the Durham Mus. B. examinations and Carroll was successful along with another local candidate, George Pritchard. On the recommendation of Hiles, Carroll was appointed Lecturer in Music to the Training Students, Owens College Day Training College for Teachers. In October 1892, Carroll was appointed Singing Master in both departments of the Manchester Day Training College and Organist and Choirmaster at St. Clement's Church, Greenheys, Manchester. In 1893, he became a lecturer in harmony at the newly formed Royal Manchester College of Music and held chairs at the college of harmony and composition (1904-1920), replacing Henry Hiles on the latters retirement, and of the art of teaching (1909-1920). In addition to these, Carroll was appointed Lecturer in Harmony at the University of Manchester in July 1904. Carroll was elected Dean of the Faculty of Music in 1910.


In 1894, Carroll studied at Manchester University for the newly established Mus. B. degree and he was awarded this is 1896. In 1900 he became the first student to gain by examination, the degree of Mus. D from Manchester University.Carroll started a training course for music teachers in 1907 and was appointed music adviser by the Manchester Education Committee in 1918. He gave up all his other work in 1920 to concentrate on music for children. Carroll regularly visited and advised teachers in about four hundred schools, lecturing on the teaching of singing, instrumental music, and music appreciation. The city’s education department had decided that children with no musical training should have a chance to perform. The Manchester Children's Choir was therefore formed in 1925 by Carroll from elementary schools in the area. The choir existed from 1925-1939 and gave concerts, usually in local town halls, during Civic Week. The concerts with the Halle lasted from 1929 until Walter Carroll' ... Read full biography

Authors: Walter Carroll
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
Imprint: G Schirmer, Incorporated
Languages: | English |
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