Ayoade on Top

Ayoade on Top
Author: Richard Ayoade
Rating: 3.87
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Publisher: FABER & FABER
Book Format: Paperback
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Pages: 240
Hours of reading: 4.0 hours
Publication Date: 2021
Languages: | English |
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About the book

A message from the Captain: 'On behalf of myself and the entire Ayoade team, welcome to Ayoade on Top. At last, the definitive book about perhaps the best cabin-crew dramedy ever filmed: View from the Top, starring Gwyneth Paltrow.' Buckle up for the flight of your life. 'The most profoundly silly book on film I've ever read and somehow one of the most insightful too.' Edgar Wright 'A brilliant satire of film, academia, commerce and Richard Ayoade . . . The funniest book I've ever read.' Jesse Eisenberg 'I haven't laughed this much reading a book in a long time. The man is a national treasure.' Big Issue




"Ayoade on Top is a brilliant satire of film, academia, commerce and Richard Ayoade. It is his funniest creation yet and, page for page, the funniest book I've ever read." -- Jessie Eisenberg

Richard Ayoade Biography

Richard Ellef Ayoade ( EYE-oh-AH-dee; born 23 May 1977) is a British actor, comedian, broadcaster and filmmaker. He is best known for his role as socially awkward IT technician Maurice Moss in Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd (2006–2013), for which he won the 2014 BAFTA for Best Male Comedy Performance. From 1998 to 1999, Ayoade was the president of the Footlights club whilst a student at the University of Cambridge. He and Matthew Holness debuted their respective characters Dean Learner and Garth Marenghi at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2000, bringing the characters to television with Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (2004) and Man to Man with Dean Learner (2006). He appeared in the comedy shows The Mighty Boosh (2004–2007) and Nathan Barley (2005), before becoming widely known for his role in The IT Crowd. After directing music videos for Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, he wrote and directed the comedy-drama film Submarine (2010), an adaptation of the 2008 novel by Joe Dunthorne. He co-starred in the American science fiction comedy film The Watch (2012) and his second film as a writer and director, the black comedy The Double (2013), drew inspiration from Fyodor Dostoevsky's novella of the same title. Ayoade has frequently appeared on panel shows, mostly prominently on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, and served as a team captain on Was It Something I Said? (2013). He presented the factual shows Gadget Man (2013–2015), its spin-off Travel Man (2015–2019), and the revival of The Crystal Maze (2017). He has also voiced characters in a number of animated projects, including the films The Boxtrolls (2014), Early Man (2018), The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019), Soul (2020), and The Bad Guys (2022), as well as the series Strange Hill High (2013–2014), Apple & Onion (2018–2021), and Disenchantment (2021). Ayoade has written three comedic film-focused books: Ayoade on Ayoade: A Cinematic Odyssey (2014), The Grip of Film (2017), and Ayoade on Top (2019). He is currently writing two children's books: The Book That No One Wanted to Read (2022) and a picture book called The Fairy Tale Fan Club (TBD).Ayoade often works alongside Julian Barratt, Matt Berry, Noel Fielding, Matthew Holness, and Rich Fulcher.

Early life

Richard Ellef Ayoade was born in the Hammersmith district of London on 23 May 1977, the son of a Norwegian mother and Nigerian father. The family moved to Ipswich when he was young. At the age of 15, he developed an interest in film "beyond Star Wars and Back to the Future" and began exploring the works of directors Woody Allen, Ingmar Bergman, and Federico Fellini. He studied at the independent St Joseph's College in Ipswich, where he recalls being "obsessed" with J. D. Salinger's book The Catcher in the Rye. He was so obsessed with the book that he started to dress like its protagonist, Holden Caulfield.From 1995 to 1998, Ayoade studied law at St Catharine's College, Cambridge, where he won the Martin S ... Read full biography

Authors: Richard Ayoade
Publisher: FABER & FABER
Languages: | English |
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Pages: 240
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Publication date: Oct. 6, 2020
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Publication City/Country: London, United Kingdom

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