Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers : Techniques, Treatments & Applications for Inspirational Design

Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers : Techniques, Treatments & Applications for Inspirational Design
Author: Elizabeth Bone
Rating: 4.38
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Publisher: Search Press Ltd
Book Format: Paperback
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Pages: 192
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers is a comprehensive examination of all the techniques, surface treatments, and innovations used by silver jewellery makers. Unlike more general silversmithing books that also include silver ornaments, this book places a strong emphasis on the information that is relevant to jewellery makers, giving them all they need to know about working with this unique and versatile material. It takes the reader through the basic skills as well as specialist techniques and treatments for silver jewellery making. Traditional techniques such as filigree are examined alongside contemporary designs that marry metals and mix materials to create unique textures and surfaces. This authoritative and lusciously illustrated book offers a comprehensive and inspirational insight into the art and craft of silver jewellery making for today's artisan. Packed with instructional information and inspiration this book is aimed at the range of home-crafters and the market as well as professional jewellery makers who are looking for a more detailed insight into working with silver. Silver is easy to work with, affordable, and results in elegant, stylish jewellery that is above the level of the more crafty beads-and-colored-stones style of jewellery making. Being versatile and malleable means this is a material that jewellery makers can experiment with and also use with a combination of other materials to create unique, stylish, and highly sophisticated looking jewellery. With its comprehensive range of techniques and inspiration Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers is a must-have for all levels of jewellery makers and designers and guarantees a strong position on the backlist.




Autumn 12 Every few years a new jewellery manual is published, with varying degrees of accuracy, range and interest. This is a good one by a respected and experienced maker. The 'silversmithing' of the title is more the American 'metalsmithing' sense of manipulating silver, rather than raising bowls and forging spoons (although raising and forging are covered briefly). The book is aimed at an international market with sheet thickness given in gauge and millimetres, and an international ring size chart. Silver is very much the subject; apart from the section on married metals, no other materials are included, and there is nothing on colour beyond patination. This is not a lack, though - the book concentrates firmly on its promise of techniques for silver, and does this very well. The subject matter is comprehensive, with excellent coverage from forming and shaping to a host of surface techniques via chains, findings and casting. This is a good solid compendium for both beginners and jewellers looking to increase their range of techniques. Recommended as a modern staple. * Findings * Apr/May 12 A comprehensive guide to working with silver, this is aimed at people who are serious about making jewellery. It takes the reader through the basic skills as well as specialist techniques and treatments, combining traditional methods alongside contemporary designs. Beautifully illustrated, the book also includes trouble-shooting tips, useful information on tools, equipment and best practice, plus profiles of contemporary practitioners. * Craft Focus * June 12 I think this is an excellent book. I am learning silversmithing at an intermediate standard and this book covers all of the skills I have learned at my classes but goes further with each than my tutors ever did, plus lots of extra very helpful tips, clearly written instructions, excellent colour illlustrations, and some excellent ideas for projects as well. It might not be for a really experienced silversmither but for my level, for beginners and for revision/reminding/extending I would highly recommended it. I just love it!-"Delaney", Amazon * Customer *

Elizabeth Bone Biography

Elizabeth Bone is an established jeweler who has been practicing for close to twenty years, specializing in working with silver with oxidized or gold-plated details. Elizabeth is a tutor at the London Jewelry School as well as visiting lecturer for other courses. Her work has been featured in a number of publications including Marie Claire, New Directions in Jewelry, 500 Earrings, and The Metalsmith's Book of Boxes and Lockets. ... Read full biography

Authors: Elizabeth Bone
Publisher: Search Press Ltd
Languages: | English |
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ISBN13: 9781844487578
ISBN10: 1844487571
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Illustrations: 200 Illustrations, color
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Book Format: Paperback
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Pages: 192
Book Weight: 700
Book Dimensions: 190x246x14
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Publication date: March 1, 2012
First Publication Date: None
Publication City/Country: Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

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