New Ceramics: Special Effect Glazes

New Ceramics: Special Effect Glazes
Author: Linda Bloomfield
Rating: 5.00
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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Book Format: Paperback
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Pages: 160
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

From drippy and crackle to ash and lichen glazes, experienced ceramicist Linda Bloomfield guides you through the world of special effect glazes. Beautifully illustrated with pieces from both emerging and established potters that showcase stunning copper oxide-blues, metallic bronzes and manganese-pink crystal glazes, Special Effect Glazes is packed full of recipes to try out: from functional oilspot glazes using iron oxide, to explosive lava glazes. In this informative handbook discover how you can create these fantastic effects and learn the basic chemistry behind glazes in order to adjust and experiment with your unique pieces. Discussed are materials and stains, how to find them and how they affect the colour and texture of the glaze, alongside practical fixes to familiar glaze-making problems. Special Effect Glazes is essential for any ceramicist interested in creating eye-catching glazes and wanting to develop their knowledge of glaze-making, or experiment with their own formulas to achieve the perfect finish.


A complete guide to fantastic special effects glazes for the studio potter. In this


Right up there with the best of them ... Linda should be congratulated * London Potters * The knowledge of glazes is an evolutionary process ... Special Effect Glazes makes a valuable and desirable contribution to this lineage of knowledge ... I encourage you to embrace this delightful publication. -- Kevin Boyd * The Journal of Australian Ceramics *

Linda Bloomfield Biography

Linda Bloomfield has been involved with pottery since 1973, although her career path led her to train as a materials scientist; she holds a PhD in Materials Science from Warwick University. After stints as a visiting scholar at MIT in Boston and as a researcher in Japan and the UK, she set up her current studio in London in 2001. Since 2003 she has been selling through galleries and shops across the UK and internationally, and her tableware is used in several high-end restaurants. She currently lives in London and is a frequent contributor to Ceramic Review. Linda's previous books include New Ceramics: Colour in Glazes, The Handbook of Glaze Recipes, and Contemporary Tableware. ... Read full biography

Authors: Linda Bloomfield
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Imprint: Herbert Press Ltd
Languages: | English |
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ISBN13: 9781912217878
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Publication date: Aug. 25, 2020
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