Find Your Artistic Voice

Find Your Artistic Voice
Author: Lisa Congdon
Rating: 4.15
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Book Format: Paperback
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

An artist's unique voice is their calling card. It's what makes each of their works vital and particular. But developing such singular artistry requires effort and persistence. Bestselling author, artist, and illustrator Lisa Congdon brings her expertise to this guide to the process of artistic self-discovery. Featuring advice from Congdon herself and interviews with a roster of established artists, illustrators, and creatives, this one-of-a-kind book will show readers how to identify and nurture their own visual identity, navigate the influence of artists they admire, push through fear and insecurity, and appreciate the value of their personal journey.





Lisa Congdon Biography

Lisa Congdon (born January 17, 1968 ) is an American fine artist, author and illustrator. She has worked for clients including MoMA, Harvard University, Martha Stewart Living, REI, and Chronicle Books. Congdon is the author of Art Inc: The Essential Guide to Building Your Career as an Artist; Whatever You Are, Be a Good One; Twenty Ways to Draw a Tulip; Fortune Favors the Brave; The Joy of Swimming; A Glorious Freedom: Older Women Leading Extraordinary Lives; and A Collection A Day. She has also illustrated six coloring books for adults as part of her Just Add Color series. Notable books adorned by Lisa’s illustrations include Broad Strokes (Chronicle Books, 2017) and Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein (Chronicle Books, 2013).


Congdon grew up in upstate New York and Northern California. She married her partner Clay Lauren Walsh on June 1, 2013. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

Awards and honors

Congdon was named one of 40 Women Over 40 to Watch in 2015. and she is featured in the 2017 book, 200 Women Who Will Change the Way you See the World.

Authored books

A Collection A Day

Congdon started a blog called A Collection A Day, which was started in January 2010. Over the course of a year, Congdon posted a collection a day of various items she has acquired. According to Congdon, the collections were assembled from "flea markets, thrift stores, junk shops, garage sales, giveaway piles and family attics." The collections featured are often everyday objects such as 14 mid-century napkin rings (day 113) or eight old pencil sharpeners for Day 78).A Collection A Day was published as a printed book in 2011 by UPPERCASE magazine.

Whatever You Are, Be a Good One

Published in April 2014 by Chronicle Books, Whatever You Are, Be a Good One is a collection of 100 timeless quotes from some of histories' most notable minds, all illustrated and hand-lettered by Lisa Congdon. Some of the quotes come from the likes of Albert Camus, Oscar Wilde, Leo Tolstoy, and Anais Nin.The book began when Congdon wanted to incorporate more hand-lettering into her practice, which she started to do by creating her "365 Days of Hand Lettering Project" on her blog over the course of 2012. The project evolved from drawing individual letters to full quotes. Over time, after Congdon had shared these images, she learned that readers found that the quotes had "...comforted them in times of darkness or reminded them to approach a challenge in a new way." From there, the focus of the book became a celebration of great thinkers as well as a way of sharing their words with a larger community.

Art Inc. The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist

Congdon also authored Art Inc. The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist which was published in August 2014 by Chronicle Books. The book introduces information about creating and starting a creative business, as well as offers insight from other ... Read full biography

Authors: Lisa Congdon
Languages: | English |
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