Tiny Homes : Simple Shelter

Tiny Homes : Simple Shelter
Author: Lloyd Kahn
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Publisher: Shelter Publications Inc.,U.S.
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

There's a grassroots movement in tiny homes these days. The real estate collapse, the economic downturn, burning out on 12-hour workdays - many people are rethinking their ideas about shelter - seeking an alternative to high rents, or a lifelong mortgage debt to a bank on an overpriced home. Homes on land, homes on wheels, homes on the road, homes on water, even homes in the trees. There are also studios, saunas, garden sheds, and greenhouses. There are 1,300 photos, showing a rich variety of small homemade shelters, and there are stories (and thoughts and inspirations) of the owner-builders who are on the forefront of this new trend in downsizing and self-sufficiency. You can buy a ready-made tiny home, build your own, get a kit or pre-fab, or live in a bus, houseboat, or other movable shelter. Some cities have special ordinances for building in-law or granny flats in the back yard. There are innovative solutions in cities, such as the capsules in Tokyo. If you're thinking of scaling back, you'll find plenty of inspiration shown by builders, designers, architects, dreamers, artists, road gypsies, and water dwellers who've achieved a measure of freedom and independence by taking shelter into their own hands.




...our friend Lloyd Kahn's beautiful book, Tiny Homes. --Mark Frauenfelder, BoingBoing Tiny Homes is an amazing collection. ...The homes might be tiny but your inspiration is huge. --Richard Zanuck, Film Producer ...a quirky photo-rich book that preaches the benefits of a 'grassroots movement to scale things back.' --Jeffery Trachtenberg, Wall Street Journal ...a glorious portfolio of quirky makers and dreamers... --Penelope Green, New York Times Before McMansions, before the counter culture was granite and marble, there was Lloyd Kahn, champion of the hand-built house . . . progenitor of the new do-it-yourself movement --Patricia Leigh Brown, New York Times The common thread that weaves between the stories is the builders' immense pride of place, a drive for independence and a vision that, when little goes to waste, life can have greater meaning. --HomeGrown.Org ...a refreshing view into the wonderful world of small houses. --Watershed Sentinel, BC, Canada ...splendid photos of home exteriors, interiors and landscapes... --Urban Times What these structures might lack in square footage they more than make up for in economy, character and appeal... --U-T San Diego

Lloyd Kahn Biography

Lloyd Kahn (born April 28, 1935) is an American publisher, editor, author, photographer, carpenter, and self-taught architect. He is the founding editor-in-chief of Shelter Publications, Inc., and is the former Shelter editor of the Whole Earth Catalog. He is a pioneer of the green building and green architecture movements. His book Shelter (1973) about DIY architecture, has sold more than 250,000 copies.He lives and works in Bolinas, Marin County, California.

Early life

Kahn became interested in construction at age 12 when working on his family's house in Central Valley. He earned a B.A. degree (1957) from Stanford University.During the late 1950s, while serving in the United States Air Force in Germany, Kahn ran the USAF newspaper for two years. He returned to California in 1960 to work as an insurance broker and in 1965 quit his insurance job and began work as a carpenter, eventually building four houses.

Career in carpentry and construction

Kahn's first project was a sod-roof studio in Mill Valley, with succulents planted on the roof. The second project was a used-wood, timber-frame Japanese and Bernard Maybeck-influenced design: a post-and-beam frame, with several 10-foot (3.0 m)-high poured concrete walls.Before these two jobs, he'd had little building experience, but quickly learned on the job. This is where he discovered the owner/builder perspective in learning to build. He tried to maintain this outlook throughout his publishing career, so he could explain building techniques to novice builders. He next got a job in Big Sur as foreman building a large post and beam house out of bridge timbers from a dismantled bridge; the main structural members were 30' long, 8' X 22" redwood beams. He then built his own home out of used lumber and hand-split shakes in Big Sur, developed a water supply, and terraced a hillside for small-scale farming. Influenced by Buckminster Fuller, in 1968 he started building geodesic domes. This resulted in a job coordinating with Jay Baldwin the building of 17 domes at Pacific High School, an alternative school in the Santa Cruz mountains. Experimenting with geodesic domes made from plywood, aluminum, sprayed foam, and vinyl, the children built their own domes and lived in them. Jay Baldwin built a dome covered with vinyl pillows. When Buckminster Fuller visited the school in 1970, he commissioned Baldwin to build a replica of the dome on his property in Maine. The school received media attention.

Work in editing and publishing

Kahn next worked for Stewart Brand as Shelter editor for the Whole Earth Catalog. In 1970 Kahn published his first book, Domebook One, followed the next year with Domebook 2, which sold 165,000 copies. In 1971, he bought a half-acre lot in Bolinas, California, and built a shake-covered geodesic dome (later featured in Life magazine). After living in his dome for a year, Kahn decided domes did not work well: he stopped the printing of Domebook 2 and disassemb ... Read full biography

Authors: Lloyd Kahn
Publisher: Shelter Publications Inc.,U.S.
Languages: | English |
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