Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear

Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear
Author: Winifred Aldrich
Rating: 4.38
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Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Book Format: Hardback
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Pages: 200
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

Since the first edition was published in 1980, Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear has become established as the standard work on this subject and has proved invaluable as both a textbook for students and a reference source for the practising designer. In this fifth edition, the chapter on computer aided design now has full colour illustrations and reflects the growing importance of CAD to the industry and as a part of fashion and design courses. The rest of the book has been updated where necessary: in particular, new blocks for tailored shirts, new details on how to adapt men's blocks for women's wear, and a revision of sizing and labelling information. Colour is now used to differentiate the main groups of patterns and with its tried and tested layout with clear text and diagrams, Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear is an essential purchase for students of fashion and design.





Winifred Aldrich Biography

Dr Winifred Aldrich was formerly Professor of Clothing Technology at Nottingham Trent University. She has also written two books specifically to enable students to extend their knowledge of fabrics and tailored garment cutting: Fabric, Form and Flat Pattern Cutting and Pattern Cutting for Tailored Jackets . Her other books include: Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear and Metric Pattern Cutting for Children's Wear and Babywear. ... Read full biography

Authors: Winifred Aldrich
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Imprint: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)
Languages: | English |
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ISBN13: 9781405182935
ISBN10: 1405182938
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Edition Statement: 5th Edition
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Book Format: Hardback
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Pages: 200
Book Weight: 840
Book Dimensions: 192x252x20
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Publication date: May 17, 2011
First Publication Date: None
Publication City/Country: Chicester, United Kingdom

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