The Daily Ukulele : 365 Songs for Better Living

The Daily Ukulele : 365 Songs for Better Living
Author: Jim Beloff Liz Beloff
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Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

(Ukulele). Strum a different song every day with easy arrangements of 365 of your favorite songs in one big songbook! The Daily Ukulele features ukulele arrangements with melody, lyrics and uke chord grids and are in ukulele-friendly keys that are particularly suited for groups of one to one hundred to play and sing. Includes favorites by the Beatles, Beach Boys and Bob Dylan, folk songs, pop songs, kids' songs, Christmas carols and Broadway and Hollywood tunes, all with a spiral binding for ease of use. Also features a Tips & Techniques section, chord chart, and vintage ukulele-themed photos and art throughout. The Daily Ukulele offers ukulele fun all year long!





Jim Beloff Biography

Jim Beloff (born December 25, 1955) is an American musician. He is a leading proponent of the ukulele. After working in the music industry in Los Angeles, he discovered the ukulele and became an advocate of the instrument. He established Flea Market Music, publisher of the Jumpin' Jim's ukulele songbook series. Beloff's songbooks and instructional books (arranged by him and other well-known ukulele players), DVDs and promotion and marketing of his family's Fluke and Flea ukuleles have contributed to the popularity of the instrument. He is also a singer-songwriter and has recorded several solo CDs as well as two with his wife, Liz.

Early Endeavors

Jim Beloff is a graduate of Hampshire College where he focused on musical theater. After working on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a short lived Broadway musical by Alan Jay Lerner and Leonard Bernstein, Beloff composed several children's musicals that were produced in New York City. For a while he worked selling advertising space for Ziff-Davis computer publications. He then changed companies to Billboard Magazine and became associate publisher. He and his wife Liz Maihock Beloff moved to Los Angeles where they become regulars at the monthly Rose Bowl Flea Market. Having admired his father-in-law's skills on the ukulele, he purchased a used Martin tenor ukulele at the market and quickly fell in love with the instrument.Many credit Beloff with being the driving force behind the recent resurgence of the ukulele.

Flea Market Music

Not finding any current music available for the ukulele, Beloff discovered a dealers' cache of unused music from decades earlier. With this reference material he and his wife, Liz, published Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Favorites in 1992. Its success spawned a series of music books for the ukulele. Beloff expanded into DVDs as well, quitting his job at Billboard, he and his wife created Flea Market Music, Inc. The rise in popularity of the ukulele, and the company's sales, have continued to grow with over 600,000 Jumpin' Jim's books in print. The company offers over two dozen music books covering many genres. Beloff's 1997 book The Ukulele: A Visual History lays out the history of the instrument with dozens of photographs of ukuleles and ukulele related memorabilia. George Harrison liked the book so much that he wrote an endorsement and sent out copies to all his friends one Christmas.Beloff has also written a concerto for ukulele and symphony orchestra entitled "Uke Can't Be Serious." It debuted with The Wallingford Symphony Orchestra in 1999, conducted by Phil Ventre, and has been performed regularly since. The concerto was played by Beloff and the Choate Rosemary Hall Orchestra in Germany and Austria in June, 2016.

The Magic Fluke Company

Finding the availability of good ukuleles to be rather limited, Beloff was interested in developing an inexpensive, quality instrument. This inspired his brother-in-law, Dale Webb, an engineer, to design t ... Read full biography

Authors: Jim Beloff Liz Beloff
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
Languages: | English |
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