Author: Julie Carlson The Editors of Remodelista
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About the book is the go-to, undisputed authority for home design enthusiasts, remodellers, architects, and designers. Unlike sites that cater to all tastes, Remodelista has a singular and clearly defined aesthetic: classic pieces trump designs that are trendy and transient, and well-edited spaces take precedence over cluttered environments. High and low mix seamlessly here, and getting the look need not be expensive. Remodelista decodes the secrets to achieving this aesthetic, with in-depth tours and lessons from 12 enviable homes; a recipe-like breakdown of the hardest-working kitchens and bathrooms; dozens of do-it-yourself projects; "The Remodelista 100," a guide to the best everyday household objects; and an in-depth look at the ins and outs of the remodelling process. In a world of design confusion, Remodelista takes the guesswork out of the process.




Top Design Books of the Year, Washington Post Best Books to Give as Gifts, Best Book of the Year in Home Improvement & Design, Amazon Top 100 Books of the Year, Amazon "With her artful marriage of style and practicality, Carlson shows us how to save money and space--and when it's okay to splurge." --Martha Stewart Living "A lovely and extremely useful portfolio of houses, rooms and products, which will no doubt serve as an inspiration and as a source book for would-be redecorators and remodelers. . . . Terrific." --The New York Times "Ms. Carlson's book translates ['s] credo to print, showcasing relatable dwellings and decoding how they work. It's not stingy with practical advice, from how to deal with a contractor to strategies for sprucing up a rental." ?The Wall Street Journal "This well-ordered, well-photographed book is packed with great ideas. . . . Carlson, editor in chief of the Web site, used the book to highlight remodeling, redecorating and organizing, as well as budgeting. The 'Remodelista 100' at the back of the book is like the Academy Awards of everyday household gear." --Washington Post "Brimming with useful tips for decorating difficult spaces. . . . A smart primer for any would-be remodelista facing a potentially daunting project." "The home-remodeling bible we've been waiting for." -- "Dallas Morning News"

Julie Carlson Biography

Julie Carlson (born November 24, 1960) is an American writer and co-founder of interior design and lifestyle website Remodelista and outdoor spaces and garden design website Gardenista operated by holding company Remodelista LLC, owned by Carlson and husband Josh Groves. Carlson is the Editor-in-Chief of Remodelista and author of Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home (2013) and Remodelista: The Organized Home: Simple, Stylish Storage Ideas for All Over the House (2017).

Early life and education

Julie Carlson grew up in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Her mother, Jocelyn Carlson Balzell, was a graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education as well as a Fulbright Scholar who became the NYC intellectual sets go-to luncheon organizer as the associate director of the New York Institute for the Humanities at New York University where she was fired for inviting Hillary Rodham Clinton to one of their lunch meetings. Carlson's stepfather, Edward Digby Baltzell, was an eminent professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and was credited with popularizing the acronym WASP in his book The Protestant Establishment: Aristocracy and Caste in America. Carlson's father, Sten Carlson, went to Yale and Colombia before becoming one of the top-producing fishermen on Cape Cod. During one excursion in the waters off Cuba, his boat was seized by the Cuban Navy possibly thinking he was a spy.Carlson attended Brown University, from which she graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts in English.


Carlson worked at Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies before beginning her writing career on the editorial team of The New Yorker as a copy editor. Subsequently, she became a food and style editor at San Francisco Magazine and has been featured in various publications including Food & Wine and The Washington Post.In 2007, Carlson co-founded Remodelista with Francesca Connolly, Janet Hall, and Sarah Lonsdale to provide an online sourcebook for users planning a home renovation or remodel with the goal of furnishing rooms with a mix of classics, vintage finds and modernist pieces.In 2011, Remodelista was acquired by San Francisco company SAY Media.In 2012, Carlson co-founded Gardenista, an outdoor spaces and garden design website with former New York Times columnist Michelle Slatalla under SAY Media's ownership.In 2015, Carlson and husband Josh Groves bought Remodelista and Gardenista from SAY Media for an undisclosed amount.In 2016, Remodelista and Gardenista were acquired by, operated by the News Corporation subsidiary Move, Inc. At the time of sale, the two sites reportedly received 1.5 million readers per month.In 2017, Carlson launched another companion site, The Organized Home, in conjunction with the publication of the book Remodelista: The Organized Home.In 2019, Carlson and husband Josh Groves bought back Remodelista, Gardenista and The Organized Home from and currently operate the sites as part of holding com ... Read full biography

Authors: Julie Carlson The Editors of Remodelista
Publisher: ARTISAN
Imprint: Artisan Division of Workman Publishing
Languages: | English |
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Publication date: Nov. 5, 2013
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