Jazz, Rags & Blues 2

Jazz, Rags & Blues 2
Author: Martha Mier Kim O'Reilly
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Publisher: Alfred Publishing Co Inc.,U.S.
Book Format: Mixed media product
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Pages: 24
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Publication Date: 2021
Languages: | English |
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About the book

Jazz, Rags & Blues, Books 1-5 contain original solos for late elementary to early advanced-level pianists that reflect the various styles of the jazz idiom. An excellent way to introduce your students to this distinctive American contribution to 20th century music. The CD includes dynamic recordings of each song in the book.





Martha Mier Biography

Martha Mier is an American composer and retired independent piano teacher. She resides in Lake City, Florida, where she moved after graduating with honors from Florida State University. She is known for composing the Jazz, Rags and Blues series for Alfred music. Many of her works appear in Canada's Royal Conservatory of Music and Conservatory Canada examination syllabi. She is also renowned for her "Romantic Impressions" solo piano books, which contain pieces for beginners to advanced players alike.Aside from her skills and duties composing and teaching, she is a member of the Music Teachers' National Association, the Florida State Music Teachers' Association and the National Guild of Piano teachers. She is internationally recognized as a composer, teacher and arranger. She also takes part in many competitions in Florida as an adjudicator.


Her songbooks are published at Alfred Music and are listed here in alphabetical order by title, followed by their level of difficulty and succeeded by their item number:


Her works, apart from her songbooks, are also published at Alfred Music and are listed here under their level of difficulty, followed by their title in alphabetical order and succeeded by their item number: Piano solo Early Elementary Abracadabra! (00-6117) Belle, the Bashful Butterfly (00-17592) Bright Painted Ponies (00-PA02351) Charlie's Adventure (00-22473) The Chocolate Song (00-6178) Fuzzy Baby Bird (00-3662) Fuzzy Wuzzy Worm (00-6193) Gentle Mountain Stream (00-24467) Gold Doubloons (00-6114) The Golden Trumpet (00-6100) King of the Jungle (00-22489) Medieval Castle (00-21357) Nothin' to Do Blues (00-22438) P-I-N-K! (00-6119) A Quiet Walk (00-6124) Rainbow Colors (00-6194) Witch on a Super-Speed Broom (00-8409)Elementary Bouree and Musette (00-18138) Bumblebee Blues (00-19732) Camilla the Camel (00-12877) Ceremonial Dance (00-14696) Computer Talk (00-36161) Creepy Creaky Sounds (00-18191) The Donkey's Serenade (00-3664) Frog on a Log (00-18132) The Hiccup Song (00-17039) Katie Cricket (00-22397) Ladybug Boogie (00-5498) Lucky Ol' Cowboy (00-18143) March of the Gnomes (00-14255) Midnight Shadows (00-18519) Moonbeam Waltz (00-43023) A Mysterious Night (00-44294) Nate's Up to Bat (00-26289) Penguin Patrol (00-14202) Sir Cabot (00-18167) The Sleepy Cat (00-3663) Swingin' and Swayin' (00-14276) Way Down South (00-14254) Who Has Seen the Wind? (00-17028)Late Elementary Black Cat's Recital (00-17580) Busy Fingers (00-19761) Chattanooga Blues (00-21335) Eagle Dance (00-19742) Feelin' Blue (00-5430) Firefly Waltz (00-18536) Green Dragonflies (00-6650) Halloween Shadows (00-39665) Interlude Ladybug Lullaby (00-19683) Little Black Cat (00-3681) Mystery at Blackwater Creek (00-31958) Pastel Clouds (00-29132) Slightly Blue (00-14722) Swaying Willow Trees (00-18983) Taco Rock (00-3653) Tambourine Dance (00-25923) Thistles in the Wind (00-6649)Early Intermediate Andalusian Adventure (00-28197) Appaloosa Pony ... Read full biography

Authors: Martha Mier Kim O'Reilly
Publisher: Alfred Publishing Co Inc.,U.S.
Imprint: Alfred Publishing Company Inc
Languages: | English |
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ISBN13: 9780739075296
ISBN10: 0739075292
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Illustrations: music
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Book Format: Mixed media product
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Font: None
Pages: 24
Book Weight: 113.4
Book Dimensions: 223.52x294.64x7.62
Circulation: None
Publication date: June 9, 2011
First Publication Date: None
Publication City/Country: United States

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