A Theatre for Dreamers : The Sunday Times bestseller

A Theatre for Dreamers : The Sunday Times bestseller
Author: Polly Samson
Rating: 3.70
Bestsellers Rate: 62083
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Book Format: Hardback
Binding: Твердый
Pages: 368
Hours of reading: 6.1 hours
Publication Date: 2021
Languages: | English |
Price: 769

About the book

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER A SUMMER READING PICK IN THE GUARDIAN, SUNDAY TIMES, THE TIMES, DAILY MAIL, FINANCIAL TIMES AND EVENING STANDARD 'The Greek island of Hydra is the star of this novel about a young woman and a 1960s bohemian community' SUNDAY TIMES, Summer Reading Pick 2020 'Samson summons the vision and the reality in a beguiling, deeply evocative portrait of a vanished era' GUARDIAN, Summer Reading Pick 2020 'It's sleazy, evocative, beautiful and entertaining' STUART TURTON, GUARDIAN, Summer Reading Pick 2020 'Heady armchair escapism ... An impressionistic, intoxicating rush of sensory experience' Sunday Times 'Sublime and immersive ... If you wish you could disappear to a Greek island right now, I highly recommend' JOJO MOYES 'A surefire summer hit ... feels at once like a gift and an escape route' Observer 1960. The world is dancing on the edge of revolution, and nowhere more so than on the Greek island of Hydra, where a circle of poets, painters and musicians live tangled lives, ruled by the writers Charmian Clift and George Johnston, troubled king and queen of bohemia. Forming within this circle is a triangle: its points the magnetic, destructive writer Axel Jensen, his dazzling wife Marianne Ihlen, and a young Canadian poet named Leonard Cohen. Into their midst arrives teenage Erica, with little more than a bundle of blank notebooks and her grief for her mother. Settling on the periphery of this circle, she watches, entranced and disquieted, as a paradise unravels. Burning with the heat and light of Greece, A Theatre for Dreamers is a spellbinding novel about utopian dreams and innocence lost - and the wars waged between men and women on the battlegrounds of genius. An Observer Fiction Highlight 2020 'Could hardly have come at a better time ... Samson recreates one heady summer there (the Greek island of Hydra) with impeccably ripening prose, all thyme-scented hills and cascading bougainvillea' i paper 'Beautiful' DOLLY ALDERTON 'Delicious' NIGELLA LAWSON 'Intoxicating' Spectator 'Oh my god, this book! I don't have words to convey its brilliance' MARIAN KEYES 'A glorious novel' KATE MOSSE 'If summer was suddenly like a novel, it would be like this one' ANDREW O'HAGAN 'The best book I've read all year' JOANNE HARRIS 'Superb' THOMAS KENEALLY A SUNDAY TIMES TOP TEN BESTSELLER (APRIL 2020)




A surefire summer hit ... Feels at once like a gift and an escape route ... At once a blissful piece of escapism and a powerful meditation on art and sexuality - just the book to bring light into these dark days * Observer * Brings to life this world of silver-spangled seas, scrumptious food and bohemian bed-hopping * The Times and Sunday Times, Best Fiction Books of the Year 2020 * One of the year's most lushly enjoyable novels, published during lockdown, it transports us straight to a Greek island and leaves us yearning for the sight of a lemon tree against a turquoise sea * Daily Telegraph, The Best Novels of 2020 * Beautifully crafted, this book evokes a lost douceur de vivre * Financial Times, Readers Picks * Samson's sun-saturated novel set on the Greek island of Hydra might be just the escapism you need right now ... Samson captures the darkness, emerging fractures and the beauty of their lives in a sharply feminist novel * Daily Mail, Best Novels of 2020 * A coming-of-age story which slyly interrogates the creative battle of the sexes while transporting you to the beauty of a Greek island in summer -- Cressida Connolly * Spectator, Books of the Year * Set on sun-drenched Hydra in the 1960s, this novel follows teenage Erica, who runs away from her strict father in London and joins the island's bickering bohemian community of writers and artists. It features a young poet called Leonard Cohen and a muse called Marianne * The Times, Summer Reading Picks * Samson imagines it all with sultry precision in this utterly transporting, bittersweet portrait of youthful and sexual idealism * Daily Mail, Summer Reading Picks * Samson is magnificently in control of her subject ... Clever and beguiling * Guardian * I've been longing to go to Hydra... since it looks like I'm not going to get there any time soon, I'm lining up A Theatre for Dreamers ... the descriptions of languid days, long lunches and decadent behaviour will carry me there instead * Evening Standard, Summer Reading Picks * Samson is an intensely sensual writer, conjuring up blue skies, the tang of wild herbs, the vivid splash of bougainvillea ... As good as a Greek holiday, and may be the closest we get this year * Financial Times * Spellbinding ... An immersive read, steeped in nostalgia. Samson's poetic prose is so evocative that, by the end, you find yourself googling those entrancing images of Hydra, 1960, just to wallow further in the poignancy of it all * Vanity Fair * Heady armchair escapism ... An impressionistic, intoxicating rush of sensory experience * Sunday Times * Intoxicating ... Highly accomplished ... A testament to Samson's transportive prose * Spectator * By the end the reader may be unable to decide whether Hydra enchanted or cursed those attracted by its primitive beauty, cheap rents and easy access to sex, drugs and performance poetry ... A novel about the treatment of women by artistic men * The Times * Beautiful ... Perfect if you want to escape the drudgery of another lentil dinner and dream of 1960s Hydra with Leonard Cohen -- Dolly Alderton Glorious ... Feels like the book the author was born to create * Irish Times * It is a grand read and the prose falls translucently like the air ... Superb work and a delightful novel -- Thomas Keneally Such a lyrical, elegant and beautifully told story -- Joanna Cannon So vivid that you can see the sun-washed white houses and blue seas * Good Housekeeping, Book of the Month * I cannot tell you how much I needed this beautiful book to transport me back to 1960s Greece! Lyrical, sexy, tender and sad in places. Highly recommended -- Erin Kelly This radiant novel will transport you straight to Greece - a blessing at a time when most of us are stuck in our homes * Cosmopolitan * Delicious -- Nigella Lawson This well-crafted novel beautifully captures the texture of a halcyon age in which anything seems possible * Daily Mail * A coming of age story set among a group of artists and poets, including Leonard Cohen, on the Greek island of Hydra in 1960. She is so good at mentally indelible imagery -- Jojo Moyes * Guardian * Dreamily nostalgic * Observer, Fiction to look out for in 2020 * About real people living in Hydra in 1960. Steeped in nostalgia that's both sad and beautiful. It's fascinating, immersive and so MOVING -- Marian Keyes Hands down the best book I've read all year. Luminous, immersive, gorgeous, profound -- Joanne Harris Her best work yet, so evocative and alive with the scents and colours of a Greek summer ... Among the best prose writers of her generation. The writing is just delicious -- Cressida Connolly I was utterly entranced. It feels entirely true and effortless and compelling - in the way that all great novels do -- Justine Picardie If summer was suddenly like a novel, it would be like this one. Immaculate -- Andrew O'Hagan A seductive story, suffused with nostalgia * Sunday Mirror * This is a sheer delight - I've never been to Hydra but this book transports you and miraculously, you are there in 1960 -- Jenny Eclair A glorious novel -- Kate Mosse A beautifully written, evocative, inspiring novel. I devoured it -- Kathy Lette Polly Samson has created such a dazzling evocation of an era and its mindset. Here, the island of Hydra is a geographical place but a psychological one too, populated by beautiful and damaged characters who pull you down into its pages for another cafe gossip, another moonlit swim, another drink. This book is a bohemian idyll meticulously drawn, and unsparingly exposed. It is like going away to paradise, then coming back rather wiser. You don't read this book - you live it -- Marina Hyde A luscious seduction of a book -- Sofka Zinovieff Praise for The Kindness: 'An addictive, cleverly structured and intriguing relationship story of lies and flawed communication * SUNDAY TIMES Book of the Week * Annoyingly close to perfection -- INDIA KNIGHT * SUNDAY TIMES * A story that entices you to revel in its languid, beautifully written prose while demanding that you turn the page to discover the secrets it holds * OBSERVER Paperback of the week * Beautifully written, with twists engineered like a thriller -- STEPHANIE MERRITT * OBSERVER Books of the Year * A book to cherish, to recommend, to return to * FINANCIAL TIMES * Brilliant, tender and beautiful -- ANDREW O'HAGAN Beautifully written and plotted with serpentine cunning, Samson's novel is what might be called a love story for adults: unsentimental, at times harsh, but ultimately uplifting * MAIL ON SUNDAY * Gorgeously chilling ... Samson seems to write in colours * INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY * Shining, poetic and sumptuous ... Polly Samson is a writer of great insight and sensitivity -- JOANNE HARRIS A richly sensory writer ... A sumptuous, serious story * DAILY MAIL * Lush, lyrical prose ... The Kindness is to be read more than once, not merely to enjoy again the beauty of the writing and the considerable insights into human experience, but to test the earlier narrative with the knowledge of what is to come * INDEPENDENT * Compelling ... Atmospheric and vividly told, the book is a poignant examination of love, guilt, betrayal and the deception that can lie at the heart of every relationship * TATLER * Family proves far from idyllic in this poetic, sensual story of betrayal and lies. Writer and lyricist Samson's prose is dazzlingly evocative, as she explores how relationships are rarely what they seem * GLAMOUR * Secrets and misunderstandings fuel Polly Samson's involving, melancholy and cleverly constructed second novel ... This is a mature and haunting novel about love and loss that asks if we all, in the end, see what we want to see * METRO * This is elegant, witty writing, informed throughout by generosity and wise perceptiveness. Dealing with many kinds of love, and with misunderstanding, betrayal, grief and forgiveness, the novel dares to posit, ultimately, the possibility of redemption. It is a book to cherish, to recommend, to return to * FT WEEKEND * Intensely evocative ... Samson treats this difficult subject with candour and compassion ... The novel's effortlessness, its readability, sweeps everything in its wake ... This is a book to relax into * DAILY TELEGRAPH * Polly Samson's mastery of the English language is powerful and impressive * DAILY EXPRESS * Fills the back of your eyes with light like an Aegean sky, and has that rare and lovely quality of making you nostalgic for something you never had ... It perfectly takes the reader into a different world. Which we could all do with -- Louisa Young

Polly Samson Biography

Polly Samson (born 29 April 1962) is an English novelist, lyricist and journalist. She is married to the musician David Gilmour, and has written the lyrics to many of Gilmour's works, both as a solo artist and with the group Pink Floyd.

Life and career

Samson's father was Lance Samson (died 4 February 2013), a newspaper editor and diplomatic correspondent for the Morning Star. Her mother was a writer of Chinese descent, Esther Cheo Ying, who wrote a memoir, Black Country to Red China, about her time serving as a Major in Mao Zedong's Red Army. Samson's mother's second husband was the famous British journalist Alan Winnington.Following a troubled childhood, Samson joined the publishing industry, through which she met the writer Heathcote Williams, with whom she became romantically involved during the publication of his Whale Nation, Samson being responsible for publicising what she succeeded in turning into a best-selling volume despite its author's reluctance to promote his work. With Williams she had her first son, Charlie. Following his birth, Samson became homeless and was taken in for a period by the journalist Cassandra Jardine.After splitting from Williams, Samson met the Pink Floyd singer and guitarist David Gilmour, whom she married in 1994 during Pink Floyd's Division Bell tour. Her son Charlie was adopted by Gilmour and they have three other children: Joe, Gabriel, and Romany.Samson has written short stories for BBC Radio 4 and has had a collection published Lying in Bed (Virago 1999) and a novel, Out of the Picture (Virago 2000), as well as contributing pieces and stories to many other books and publications including Gas and Air (Bloomsbury 2003), Girls Night In (Harper Collins 2000), A Day in the Life (Black Swan 2003), and The Just When Stories (Beautiful Books 2010). Samson's collection of stories, Perfect Lives, was published in November 2010 by Virago Press. Her novel, The Kindness, was published in 2015.Samson is credited as a co-writer on seven of The Division Bell's 11 tracks, and, with the retrospective credit given to Clare Torry for her vocals on "The Great Gig in the Sky", she is one of only two female co-writers of any Pink Floyd songs. She also wrote lyrics for Gilmour's 2006 album, On an Island, and made a guest appearance on piano and vocals. She contributed lyrics to "Louder than Words", the only track on Pink Floyd's 2014 release, The Endless River, to contain any sung lyrics. Samson has also contributed lyrics to half of the tracks on Gilmour's latest album, Rattle That Lock (2015), some of which were inspired by Paradise Lost, an epic poem by John Milton. In 2018, Samson was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.Samson's novel, A Theatre For Dreamers, was published on 2 April 2020 by Bloomsbury Circus. The novel entered the Sunday Times Bestsellers Chart at number two.


Lying in Bed – Virago Press Ltd, 2000; ISBN 1-86049-667-9 Out of the Picture – Virago Press Ltd, 2001; ISBN 1 ... Read full biography

Authors: Polly Samson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Imprint: Bloomsbury Circus
Languages: | English |
Original Language:
ISBN13: 9781526600554
ISBN10: 1526600552
Reference Edition:
Edition: None
Edition Statement: None
Illustrations: Таблицы
Literature Country: Литература Англии, Австралии и Новой Зеландии
Literature Period: Современная литература
Book Format: Hardback
Book Binding: Твердый
Paper: None
Font: None
Pages: 368
Book Weight: 680
Book Dimensions: 153x234x35
Circulation: None
Publication date: April 2, 2020
First Publication Date: None
Publication City/Country: London, United Kingdom

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