In Progress : See Inside a Lettering Artist's Sketchbook and Process, from Pencil to Vector

In Progress : See Inside a Lettering Artist's Sketchbook and Process, from Pencil to Vector
Author: Louise Fili Jessica Hische
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Pages: 176
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

This show-all romp through design-world darling Jessica Hische's sketchbook reveals the creative and technical process behind making award-winning hand lettering. See everything, from Hische's rough sketches to her polished finals for major clients such as Wes Anderson, NPR and Starbucks. The result is a well of inspiration and brass tacks information for designers who want to sketch distinctive letterforms and hone their skills. With more than 250 images and metallic silver ink printed throughout to represent her penciled sketches, this highly visual book is an essential-and entirely enjoyable-resource for those who practice or simply appreciate the art of hand lettering.


This show-all romp through design-world darling Jessica Hische's sketchbook reveals the creative...


"Jessica Hische has condensed her remarkable story into a great resource covering every aspect of her trade as a lettering artist. The artist from Pennsylvania was hired straight out of school by her design idol, Louise Fili, based on a self-promotional project she sent to Fili. Hische then moved to New York City, where she worked day and night until she discovered her passion for lettering. The story is told in a confessional manner that perfectly echoes how Hische is when you encounter her at conferences: a whirlwind of talent, energy, and creativity. This inspiring and informative book is relevant to anyone interested in hand lettering." - Communication Arts

Louise Fili Biography

Louise Fili (born April 12, 1951) is an American graphic designer recognized for her use of typography and quality in design. Her work often draws on inspiration from her love of Italy, Modernism, and European Art Deco styles. Considered a leader in the postmodern return to historical styles in book jacket design, Fili explores historic typography combined with modern colors and compositions.Beginning her career in the publishing industry, she became known for her strong typographic approach, designing nearly 2,000 book jackets during her time with Random House. Since opening her own design studio, her work specializes in restaurant identity, food-related logos, and packaging.

Early life

Fili was born on April 12, 1951 in Orange, New Jersey to Italian immigrants, both schoolteachers. Fili has said that she was “interested in design before [she] even knew what it was” and as a child, carved letterforms into her walls, designed book covers, and created illuminated manuscripts of Bob Dylan lyrics. When she was 16, Fili taught herself calligraphy using a Speedball guide and an Osmiroid pen.


Fili attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York to study studio art. In 1973, she received a Bachelor of Science in studio art from Skidmore College, where she discovered her love for graphic design. Her senior project was an Italian hand-lettered cookbook. Fili moved to New York City in 1973, interning at the Museum of Modern Art and finishing the last semester of her degree at the School of Visual Arts.


After graduating, Fili began her career as a freelance designer on special project books at Alfred A. Knopf from 1975-76. At 25, she was hired as a senior designer for Herb Lubalin, where she remained from 1976–78. She found type to be an expressive tool, which set the foundation for her later work.In 1978, she joined Random House as the art director at Pantheon Books, where she eschewed standard fonts in favor of creating unique typographic treatments for each book jacket. Her approach extended to the physical surface treatment as well; Fili rejected the standard shiny finishes and foil-stamping on book jackets in favor of matte, laminated coatings which proved softer and more durable. "I was on a mission to prove that you didn’t have to shout to capture someone’s attention. The cover that I did for The Lover, by Marguerite Duras, was probably the best example of that." The success of her jacket for Marguerite Duras's bestseller, The Lover, in 1984 allowed her increased creative freedom at Pantheon. Fili designed close to 2000 books during her tenure at the publisher.In 1989, she opened her own studio, Louise Fili Ltd, specializing in the design of restaurant identity, food-related logos, and packaging. She sought to "change the accepted formulas of food packaging" by pursuing designs that were quiet and subtle, believing that "one does not have to shout to be noticed." During that time, there were f ... Read full biography

Authors: Louise Fili Jessica Hische
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