The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe
Author: J. Randy Taraborrelli
Rating: 4.06
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Publisher: Pan MacMillan
Book Format: Paperback
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Pages: 576
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

Beautiful, damaged, the ultimate sex symbol, publicly celebrated, privately unhappy - Marilyn Monroe's tumultuous life and untimely death continue to fascinate us. When Marilyn Monroe became famous in the 1950s, the world was told that her mother was either dead or simply not a part of her life. However, that was not true. In fact, her mentally ill mother was very much present in Marilyn's world and the complex family dynamic that unfolded behind the scenes is a story that has never been told - until now. In this groundbreaking book J. Randy Taraborrelli draws complex and sympathetic portraits of the women so influential in the actress' life, including her mother, her foster mother and her legal guardian. He also reveals, for the first time, the shocking scope of Marilyn's own mental illness, the identity of Marilyn's father and the half-brother she never knew, and new information about her relationship with the Kennedys - Bobby, Jack and Pat Lawford Kennedy. Explosive, revelatory and surprisingly moving, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe is the final word on the life of one of the most fascinating and elusive icons of the twentieth century.





J. Randy Taraborrelli Biography

John Randall Anthony Taraborrelli is an American journalist and celebrity biographer. Taraborrelli is known for biographies of contemporary entertainers and political figures such as Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Kennedy family, the Hilton family, and Beyoncé. He also regularly appears on television as an entertainment news reporter on programs such as Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, Today and CBS This Morning. Taraborrelli lives in Los Angeles.

Writing style

In a 2015 interview with Gawker, Taraborrelli described his evolution as a writer:I think as you get older as a writer, your standards change. When I was a kid, my standard was very simple: If it was true, I put it in my book. That was it. There was no wiggle room to that. I’ve been through enough in my lifetime to realize there has to be more of a standard in biography than just the truth. There has to be an eye toward empathy. There has to be and eye toward understanding interpretation. There’s a lot of nuance that goes into a biography that is bigger than whether or not something is true. When I was a kid, it was a simpler time. Today, I weigh everything on a moral compass. It has to do with: Is it fair? Is it hurtful? Is it going to cause people pain? That’s a big part of my process today that when I was a kid, I never considered.


Kirkus Reviews found Cher – A Biography to be "a fun read, and even moving". The Observer reviewed Diana Ross – A Biography as "fawning" and while acknowledging the comprehensiveness of the book, regretted that the writer held back unfavorable information about the subject because he was a personal fan. It said The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe was written by "an indefatigable gossip hound" and criticized his vocabulary. The Gay & Lesbian Review said that Michael Jackson – The Magic, the Madness, the Whole Story was a "comprehensive and even-handed biography". The New York Times called Jackie, Janet & Lee "deliciously readable".


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Authors: J. Randy Taraborrelli
Publisher: Pan MacMillan
Imprint: Pan Books
Languages: | English |
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Publication date: Aug. 6, 2010
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