Different Every Night : Freeing the Actor

Different Every Night : Freeing the Actor
Author: Mike Alfreds
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

"Different Every Night" is the culmination of a lifetime of work in the theatre, the most complete rehearsal methodology in print since Stanislavsky. It offers a vital masterclass for actors and directors, full of sound practical advice and guidance, and is packed with techniques for bringing the text to life and keeping it alive - both in rehearsal and performance.




'Most of what I am as an actress I owe to Mike Alfreds. He gave me the language and the tools I needed for my craft' Pam Ferris'If I was allowed to train again to be an actor, but I was only allowed one teacher, it would have to be Mike Alfreds. To me he is a genius when it comes to acting and storytelling' Mark Rylance

Mike Alfreds Biography

Michael Alfreds (born 5 June 1934) is an English theatre director, adapter, translator and teacher. He has worked all over the world and won awards for his productions.


Michael Alfreds was born in London in 1934 . He spent his National Service in the RAF in Singapore from 1952-54. From 1954-62 he lived in the USA. He worked in the Publicity Department of MGM Studios from 1955-57 and directed for small theatres around Los Angeles. He trained as a director first at the American Theatre Wing in New York, then from 1957-60 in the Theatre Department of Carnegie Mellon. During those years, he directed seasons of musicals and operas in summer stock in Kennebunkport. After graduating, he directed for Theatre West, Tucson and from 1961-62, he was artistic director of the Cincinnati Playhouse-in-the-Park. Back in the UK, he taught at LAMDA, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in London from 1965-70. From 1970-1975, he worked in Israel. He was senior lecturer at the theatre department of Tel Aviv University, and from 1972-1975, he was artistic director of the Khan Theatre in Jerusalem and contributed immensely to its development. He also directed plays for the Cameri Theatre in Tel Aviv, Bimot Theatre, the Haifa Municipal Theatre and Beersheva Theatre. He returned to the UK in 1975 where he founded and was artistic director of Shared Experience until 1985. He directed for the Royal National Theatre between 1985 and 1988. From 1991–1999, he was director of the Cambridge Theatre Company renamed Method and Madness. In 2001 and 2002, he directed for Shakespeare's Globe and in 1994, for the Royal Shakespeare Company. As well as the USA and Israel, he has worked abroad in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, France, Italy, Mongolia and China. He has translated the texts of several of his productions and has also specialised in the adaptation of novels and stories for the stage and has developed techniques for storytelling in the theatre. He has written two books on his working methods: Different Every Night, which deals with his rehearsal processes for plays, and Then What Happens, concerning his methods of working on adaptations. He has divided his career between directing and teaching acting and directing. Alfreds is known for his special method of working with actors, inspired amongst others by the principles of Constantin Stanislavski and Rudolf Laban, with emphasis on physical work, scrupulous analysis of text, spontaneity and interaction with others during the play in minimalistic productions.

Directed in Britain (selection)

2018 : Year of Wonders adapted by Jane Arnfield, Mike Alfreds, [The Lowry], Salford, Lit and Phil, Alphabetti Theatre Newcastle, Gala Theatre Durham 2011 : The Tin Ring adapted by Jane Arnfield, Mike Alfreds, [The Lowry], Salford 2001 : Cymbeline by William Shakespeare, The Globe 1998 : The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy, National Theatre 1985 : The Cherry Orchard by Anton Tchekho ... Read full biography

Authors: Mike Alfreds
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