Print Workshop : Hand-Printing Techniques and Truly Original Projects

Print Workshop : Hand-Printing Techniques and Truly Original Projects
Author: Christine Schmidt
Rating: 4.07
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Publisher: Random House USA Inc
Book Format: Paperback
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Pages: 176
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

This is a crash-course on printing with techniques, materials and surfaces that can all be done in the home. Every project features Yellow Owl Workshop's sought-after motifs and the author's art-school style illustrations. This title is full of original ideas for things to make and use, such as jar labels, pillows and a stationary set. "Print Workshop" grabs readers hand and leads them through a crash-course on printing with techniques, materials and surfaces they never dreamed they could take on at home. It can be as simple as carving a potato or as complex as a chemical bath, but no matter the skill level, these printing techniques never require expensive equipment or lots of space. Everything in this book is easily do-able at home; and every project features Yellow Owl Workshop's sought-after motifs and Christine's art-school style illustrations. The book is full of original ideas for things to make and use. There's jar labels for your canning and pickling needs. There's pillows inspired by YOW's famous city and bicycle stamps. There's everything from a stationary set (complete with wax seal) to a dartboard, from a deck of cards to a fine art print.




"Print Workshop radically transcends conventional printmaking guides. Schmidt's witty, conversational approach illuminates one graphic project after the next, from pinprick stationery to royal wax seals and jar decals." -Chantal Lamers, San Francisco Chronicle "[Print Workshop] celebrates the imperfect, the humanness of printing and the beauty in that. Geared for the home printer, the materials and tools are simple and easy to find at a local craft store. The book is a great way to dive into hand printing, an amazing starting point for customizing household items and a really nice guide for bringing more life into your every day. The aesthetic of the projects is incredibly current and inspiring and still approachable enough to feel comfortable attacking them on your own." -Laure Joliet, Apartment Therapy "I've always loved the voice and style that Christine [Schmidt] has brought to the printing community. Her style is unique and fresh and I'm so excited to see that celebrated and translated into book form. Her book will teach you how to roll up your sleeves and create fantastic home, fashion and accessory-based projects. I love that the book keeps budget in mind and will give you a wide range of ideas that won't drain your wallet. Whether you're looking to create a custom t-shirt, deck of cards (my favorite) or dartboard, Christine has you covered (including all the basics tools and terminology you'll need for printing)." -Grace Bonney, Design Sponge "A thoroughly engaging entry into the world of personalization through print." -Dwell Magazine "Artists who love what they do are infectious: They motivate the rest of us to give creativity a shot. Just talk with Christine Schmidt, who fairly gushes about her printmaking efforts, both in a phone interview and in the pages of "Print Workshop: Hand-printing Techniques & Truly Original Projects". -Associated Press "While the range of projects is impressive, the real beauty of the book is its comprehensive nature. Each section begins with a description of the specific tools necessary for each topic, followed by straightforward directions on execution. Schmidt offers an immense amount of details for all the different categories, and the utility of having a single-source of tried-and-true design at your fingertips is invaluable. Schmidt's language is casually encouraging, and in true DIY spirit every paragraph makes you feel more confident in your ability to complete the task at hand. While the book won't tell you how to rubber stamp the Mona Lisa, it's an excellent launching pad for imaginative minds." -Cool Hunting

Christine Schmidt Biography

Christine E. Schmidt is an American biomedical engineer. As a professor at the University of Florida, Schmidt was inducted into the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame for her creation of the Avance Nerve Graft which has "improved the lives of numerous patients suffering from peripheral nerve damage."

Early life and education

Schmidt earned her Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and her PhD from the University of Illinois.


University of Texas at Austin

Upon completing her PhD, Schmidt joined the faculty at her alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin, as an assistant professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department and Chemical Engineering Department. From 2002 until 2007, she was an associate professor during which she was recognized as one of the most highly cited academics in her field. Schmidt and her research team also found a piece of protein that could attach itself to polypyrrole and be used towards biomedical applications. The results of her study found a way to modify a plastic to anchor molecules that promote nerve regeneration, blood vessel growth or other biological processes. In 2006, Schmidt was appointed to the editorial boards of the International Journal of Nanomedicine, Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition and later the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research.As a Full professor, Schmidt was the inaugural the recipient of the Chairmen's Distinguished Life Sciences Award for her "research achievements in the area of neural engineering." While working in her lab with two graduate students, they co-developed an enzyme treatment which could be used to create an acellular nerve graft from human cadaver tissue. Later, she also developed a new technique, which could re-direct neurons along three-dimensional paths in culture, that can improve the way researchers approach repairing damaged nerves in the clinic.In 2010, Schmidt was the elected a Fellow of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Materials Research as someone whose "research that is likely to be transformative and potentially of high impact and who have contributed outstanding broader impacts through their promotion of diversity in the U.S. scientific and engineering workforce." She was later elected as a Fellow of the Biomedical Engineering Society's (BMES) 2010 class and named a Distinguished Engineering Graduate by the Cockrell School of Engineering.

University of Florida

Schmidt left the University of Texas at Austin in 2013 to become the Chair of the J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Florida (UF). In her first year with the department, Schmidt and her research team began working to restore nerve function by grafting cadaver tissue onto the damaged area to act as a scaffold for nerves to re-grow themselves. She was also elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Scien ... Read full biography

Authors: Christine Schmidt
Publisher: Random House USA Inc
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