Rivers of London: The Fey and the Furious

Rivers of London: The Fey and the Furious
Author: Ben Aaronovitch
Rating: 3.84
Bestsellers Rate: 15073
Publisher: Titan Books Ltd
Book Format: Paperback
Binding: None
Pages: 112
Hours of reading: 1.9 hours
Publication Date: 2021
Languages: | English |
Price: 13,89 €

About the book

Detective Inspector Peter Grant is back in an all-new comic miniseries from author Ben Aaronovitch! Trouble never lies far from the race track. When a flash car belonging to a young boy racer from England washes up in the Netherlands with a bagload of unusual cargo, it's evident there is more than meets the eye happening at street races held in an Essex car park. Enter Detective Inspector Peter Grant. Fresh from suspension, he takes to the track in his orange 'asbo' Ford Focus to try and infiltrate the big leagues. But Peter soon finds himself sucked back into an Otherworld - a real-life fairyland!




"Ben Aaronvitch and Andrew Cartmel have crafted a fully realized world that seamlessly blends modern policing, with all of its technology and advancements, with wizards and witchcraft" - Pop Culture Uncovered

Ben Aaronovitch Biography

Ben Dylan Aaronovitch (born 22 February 1964) is an English author and screenwriter. He is the author of the Rivers of London series of novels. He also wrote two Doctor Who serials in the late 1980s and spin-off novels from Doctor Who and Blake's 7.



Born in Camden, Aaronovitch is the son of the economist Sam Aaronovitch who was a senior member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, and the younger brother of actor Owen Aaronovitch and journalist David Aaronovitch. He attended Holloway School.Aaronovitch lives in Wimbledon.

Doctor Who and television work

Aaronovitch wrote two Doctor Who serials, Remembrance of the Daleks (1988) and Battlefield (1989), for BBC television, and also the novelization of the former.He wrote one episode for Casualty (1990) and was then a regular writer on science fiction series Jupiter Moon.He subsequently wrote or co-wrote three Doctor Who spin-off novels in the Virgin Publishing New Adventures range; he created the character Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart who became a semi-regular in the New Adventures. He has also written a novel and several short stories published by Big Finish Productions featuring the character of Bernice Summerfield, who was originally developed in the New Adventures. He also co-wrote a Doctor Who audio drama for Big Finish, and has written a number of Blake's 7 spin-off audio dramas.

Proposed serials of “Doctor Who”

Knight Fall In May 1987, Aaronovitch submitted “Knight Fall” to the Doctor Who production office for Season 25. The story concerned privatization. Script editor Andrew Cartmel liked the story ideas, but felt that the script was inappropriate for the series and had too many supporting characters.Transit After failing to feature Aaronovitch's “Knight Fall” storyline to production, Aaronovitch submitted a story in June 1987, entitled Transit. The story would see the Doctor and Ace in the future, land in a metro station, and discover transportation portals that could lead any body throughout the Solar System, but one of the portals leads a gate way to hell. Even though it is unexplainable to how Aaronovitch's scripts of “Transit” never came to fruition, he would adapt the story as a book for Virgin New Adventures series in December 1992.Bad Destination During Summer of 1988, Aaronovitch submitted a three-part adventure story for Doctor Who’s 27th Season (which never came to fruition), and was called ”Bad Destination”. The story would feature The Doctor seeing Ace as a captain of a hospital spaceship which is being under attack by the Metatraxi. The story, however, was abandoned when, in September 1989, the BBC cancelled Doctor Who after its 26 Season, due to declining audiences. In July 2011, Big Finish Productions released the story as Earth Aid, by Aaronovitch and Cartmel.


Doctor Who

Remembrance of the Daleks (1988) Battlefield (1989)


"Results" (1990)

Jupiter Moon

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Authors: Ben Aaronovitch
Publisher: Titan Books Ltd
Imprint: Titan Comics
Languages: | English |
Original Language:
ISBN13: 9781785865862
ISBN10: 1785865862
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Illustrations: Comics
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Literature Period: None
Book Format: Paperback
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Font: None
Pages: 112
Book Weight: 272.16
Book Dimensions: 168x257x5.08
Circulation: None
Publication date: Dec. 16, 2020
First Publication Date: None
Publication City/Country: London, United Kingdom

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