Cinematic Storytelling : The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know

Cinematic Storytelling : The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know
Author: Jennifer Van Sijll
Rating: 3.99
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Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Book Format: Paperback
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Pages: 230
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

What the industry's most succcessful writers and directors have in common is that they have mastered the cinematic conventions specific to the medium.


"What a fascinating book for a scriptwriter to read! Van Sijll's layout and logical progression through the different elements of film, from frame composition to locations and lighting, are easy to follow and almost Zen-like in their simplicity. Despite that simplicity, they do make an impact and stay with you long after you've put the book down...This is straightforward instruction presented in an easy-to-follow way." - "This book is highly recommended to anyone who currently works in the camera department, editors, scriptwriters, sound designers, directors and many more." - British Cinematographer "Van Sijlls analysis is often brilliant - the discussions of Psycho, Cabaret, Apocalypse Now and Barton Fink are superb. Her illustrations of dramatic value are insightful." - Writer's Guild "The films provide not only practical explanations, but give you enough desire to go and widen your film collection." - Black Filmmaker "This book belongs on the shelf of anyone interested or involved in filmmaking, storyboarding, camerawork, cinematography, producing, and/or directing. Too many filmmakers--both microcinema and "big Hollywood"--don't fully understand the purposes and implications of various shots; this book will help you make the best use of your time, equipment, story, planning, and ideas." - "This book is crammed full of stills from the movies and will give you the cinematic vocabulary to tell your stories eloquently and with great succinctness. Clearly illustrated throughout, this book is the business. If narrative film is your bag then this is your book." - Focus "Setting Up Your Story Cinematically" scores a direct hit in terms of concise information and perfectly chosen visuals, and it also searches out... and finds... an emotional core that many books of this nature either miss or are afraid of." - Kirsten Sheridan, Director, 'Disco Pigs'; Co-writer, In America "Here is a uniquely fresh, accessible, and truly original contribution to the field. Jennifer van Sijll takes her readers in a wholly new direction, integrating aspects of screenwriting with all the film crafts in a way I've never before seen. It is essential reading not only for screenwriters but also for filmmakers of every stripe." - Prof. Richard Walter, UCLA Screenwriting Chairman



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Authors: Jennifer Van Sijll
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Languages: | English |
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ISBN13: 9781932907056
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Pages: 230
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Publication date: Jan. 29, 2007
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Publication City/Country: Seattle, United States

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