SAS: Who Dares Wins : Leadership Secrets from the Special Forces

SAS: Who Dares Wins : Leadership Secrets from the Special Forces
Author: Jason Fox Colin MacLachlan Anthony Middleton Matthew Ollerton
Rating: 3.92
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Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Book Format: Paperback
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Pages: 320
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

Life and leadership lessons from the Special Forces, from the stars of Channel 4 series SAS: Who Dares Wins - including Sunday Times bestselling author of FIRST MAN: LEADING FROM THE FRONT, Ant Middleton Are you up to the challenge of SAS leadership? Only the best will succeed... Britain's SAS (Special Air Service) has an unparalleled reputation for soldiering excellence. Their skills and techniques have been perfected in the most demanding environments imaginable, but many of these can also be used in our everyday lives. This book takes situations all of us will experience during our lives and presents tactical lessons drawn from SAS training and battlefield experience. Its four authors - stars of the hit Channel 4 show SAS: Who Dares Wins - how their finely honed understanding of how to handle extreme challenges can be applied in any environment. Their advice on negotiation, people management, self-motivation and resilience, among other things, can transform your performance in a whole range of scenarios: from buying a house, nailing a job interview, and the experience of dealing with rejection, to maintaining a diet, or managing that pushy colleague at work. This is the ultimate guide to leadership and personal achievement.




Insightful, gritty and.... at times shocking... a must for fans of the brilliant show - Heat Magazine The best of this year's TV spin-offs - Guardian

Jason Fox Biography

Jason Fox (born 31 August 1976) often referred to by his nickname 'Foxy' is a television presenter, adventurer and a former British soldier. He is best known as the longest serving directing staff on the popular Channel 4 television series SAS: Who Dares Wins, and the presenter of the investigative documentary series Meet the Drug Lords: Inside the Real Narcos.


Military service

Fox joined the Royal Marines Commandos in 1992 at the age of 16. In 2001, he joined the Special Boat Service and reached the rank of Sergeant. After 20 years of military service, Fox was medically discharged on 5 April 2012 having been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


Fox is one of the original presenters and directing staff on SAS: Who Dares Wins, a reality television programme where contestants experience a gruelling training course loosely based on a condensed version of the special forces selection process. Fox stars alongside former special forces soldiers Ant Middleton, Matthew ‘Ollie’ Ollerton, Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham, and Jay Morton. The programme first broadcast in 2015 is produced by Channel 4, and aired its fifth season in February 2020. In 2019, the first season of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins aired which also stars Fox. In 2018, Fox presented a 3 part docuseries, Meet the Drug Lords: Inside the real Narcos. The series positioned Fox in his first investigative journalism role, spending time within drug cartels in Mexico, Columbia and Peru, meeting and talking to people living and working in those communities. Fox's interviews in the series included Popeye (Jhon Jairo Velásquez) – known as one of Pablo Escobars’ hitmen in Columbia. In 2019, Fox presented the documentary The Final Mission: Foxy's War which saw him return to Afghanistan where he had served in the military.

Publications and other media

In 2017, Fox co-authored the book SAS: Who Dares Wins: Leadership Secrets from the Special Forces, with his fellow TV presenters and Special Forces soldiers Anthony Middleton, Matthew "Ollie" Ollerton and Colin Maclachlan. Fox released his own first book, Battle Scars in 2019 which explores his struggle with mental health after being medically discharged from his military career in 2012 having been diagnosed with PTSD. Battle Scars became a Sunday Times best-seller. His second book Life Under Fire: How to Build Inner Strength and Thrive Under Pressure was released October 15, 2020. Fox became the host of the podcast Jason Fox Wild Tales in 2018, in conjunction with the Book of Man, with whom he is a regular columnist. In each episode, Fox interviews people who have experienced a variety of adventures in their life, touching on their background, and the mental and physical challenges they have faced.


Since leaving the military, Fox has had several public appearances talking about mental health, and is involved in supporting several charities. Fox is a co-founder of R ... Read full biography

Authors: Jason Fox Colin MacLachlan Anthony Middleton Matthew Ollerton
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Imprint: Headline Book Publishing
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Publication date: May 18, 2017
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