Origami Paper 500 sheets Chiyogami Designs 6 inch 15cm: Instructions for 8 Projects Included : High-Quality Origami Sheets Printed with 12 Different Designs

Origami Paper 500 sheets Chiyogami Designs 6 inch 15cm: Instructions for 8 Projects Included : High-Quality Origami Sheets Printed with 12 Different Designs
Author: Tuttle Publishing
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Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Book Format: Бумажная
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Publication Date: 2021
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This pack contains 500 high-quality origami sheets printed with colourful and attractive Chiyogami Designs. These traditional Japanese paper patterns were developed to enhance the creative work of origami artists and paper crafters. The pack contains 12 designs unique to this pack, and all of the papers are printed with coordinating colours on the reverse to provide aesthetically pleasing combinations in origami models that show both the front and back of the papers. A booklet in the pack provides instructions for: Crane Kimono Simple Swan Star Box Samurai Helmet Rowboat Pig Balloon





Tuttle Publishing Biography

Tuttle Publishing, originally the Charles E. Tuttle Company, is a book publishing company that includes Tuttle, Periplus Editions, and Journey Editions. A company profile describes it as an "International publisher of innovative books on design, cooking, martial arts, language, travel and spirituality with a focus on China, Japan and Southeast Asia." Many of its books on Asian martial arts, particularly those on Japanese martial arts, were the first widely read publications on these subjects in the English language.


Publisher and book dealer Charles E. Tuttle (1915–1993) founded the company in 1948 in Tokyo, Japan, with the aim of publishing "books to span the East and West." It was the 31st corporation approved by the occupying Allied administration. In its first year of operation, the company imported and distributed U.S. paperback publications to the occupying forces, and the next year, it released its first publication. From 1951, it published many books on the Japanese language, arts, and culture, as well as translations of Japanese works into the English language.In 1953, part of the company was separated to form a new, partially owned company, Yohan, which took on responsibility for distributing U.S. paperback books and magazines. The Charles E. Tuttle Company retained responsibility for distributing UK publications. In 1991, under chief executive Peter Ackroyd, a planned acquisition of the Atlantic Monthly Press failed to eventuate. According to executives, "Tuttle, which specializes in Japanese and other Asian books, came to feel that it was putting its existing business at risk by acquiring Atlantic." In 1996, the company changed its name to Tuttle Publishing.Since its founding, Tuttle has published more than 6,000 books and today maintains an active backlist of around 2,000 titles. The company now produces 150 new titles each year, most of which still focus on the areas of Asian interest that Tuttle has long been known for—everything from Asian literature and language learning to cooking, art, crafts, and design.Some of the company’s books state that it was founded in 1832 in Rutland, Vermont. George Albert Tuttle (1816-1885), a direct ancestor of Charles E. Tuttle, founded Tuttle Co. in 1832 in Rutland as a printing company that printed newspapers, later including the Rutland Herald. The multigenerational family printing business did not have a particular focus on Asian material. It thus remains open to debate whether 1832 represents the original founding of Tuttle Publishing, or whether the enterprise is, in the words of one author, the business of Charles E. Tuttle, "whose family had been in the book trade since 1832."


The company's founder, Charles Egbert Tuttle, Jr., was a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and Harvard University. He enlisted in the U.S. military and was stationed in Japan immediately after World War II, working on General Douglas MacArthur’s staff. His job, among other thin ... Read full biography

Authors: Tuttle Publishing
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Languages: | English |
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ISBN13: 9780804849234
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Illustrations: 12 patterns; 8 projects
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Book Format: Бумажная
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Publication date: Oct. 23, 2018
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Publication City/Country: Boston, United States

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