Sherlock: The Casebook

Sherlock: The Casebook
Author: Guy Adams
Rating: 4.37
Bestsellers Rate: 24687
Publisher: Ebury Publishing
Book Format: Hardback
Binding: Твердый
Pages: 160
Hours of reading: 2.7 hours
Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

This book is my humble attempt to shine a light on the work of the best and wisest I have ever known. He has, I think it is safe to say, elevated the science of detection into an art form. Having been at his side during some of his most remarkable cases, it has fallen to me to bring his achievements to the attention of the wider public. He is, quite simply, the Mozart of criminal investigation. I would say more, but I am flattered and delighted to say that Sherlock Holmes himself has agreed to write a piece for the cover. John Watson Don't buy this book. The author has transformed what should have been a series of lectures into a gross and tasteless entertainment. The science of deduction is a branch of human achievement requiring serious analysis and yet here I find it lavishly illustrated, disfigured with humour and infested with gossip. Apparently, this kind of sensationalism is required to engage the interest of the reading public, but it is rather like working an office romance into a paper on quantum physics. Only an idiot would be impressed. Help yourself. Sherlock Holmes


A splendid tribute to the Great Detective and his re-imagining for the BBC in the 21st Century and the perfect stocking-filler for fans old and new...this is a treat.


A splendid tribute to the Great Detective and his re-imagining for the BBC in the 21st Century and the perfect stocking-filler for fans old and new...this is a treat. -- Mike Ripley * *

Guy Adams Biography

Guy Adams (born 6 January 1976) is an English author, comedian, and actor, possibly best known for the novel The World House. Adams is also a regular writer for Big Finish productions, who produce audio plays based on Doctor Who, as well as several other properties.


Adams has also written several books for the Doctor Who franchise, including the BBC Books Torchwood novel, The House That Jack Built. Adams's second book in his The Heaven's Gate Chronicles series, entitled Once Upon Time in Hell was published on 31 December 2013. The first book was also published in 2013 and was entitled The Good, The Bad and the Infernal. He starred as a mugger on British soap opera, Emmerdale and has also tried stand-up with his own material. Adams has also portrayed Sherlock Holmes before embarking on creating his own original novel featuring Holmes.


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Authors: Guy Adams
Publisher: Ebury Publishing
Imprint: BBC BOOKS
Languages: | English |
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Pages: 160
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Publication date: Nov. 5, 2012
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Publication City/Country: London, United Kingdom

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