Overshare : Love, Laughs, Sexuality and Secrets

Overshare : Love, Laughs, Sexuality and Secrets
Author: Rose Ellen Dix Rosie Spaughton
Rating: 4.29
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Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Book Format: Hardback
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Pages: 256
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

Love, laughs, sexuality and secrets from LGBT superstar YouTube couple, Rose and Rosie.Rose and Rosie are known for their candid and hilarious YouTube videos... but now they are taking oversharing to a whole new level. Discussing sexuality, revealing secrets and empowering others, OVERSHARE is a book packed with Rose and Rosie's unique take on friendships, fame, mental health and LGBT issues. As visibly out members of the LGBT community, they open up about their own experiences, both together and as individuals, and have written this book in the hope that it gives strength to those who have faced similar difficulties. They are spreading a message of positivity and inclusivity, and want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin, no matter what their sexuality. Delve deep into the unfiltered highs and lows of Rose and Rosie's life: family relationships, secrets of a happy marriage, struggles with OCD and anxiety, finding love and navigating the world as a gay couple. Get ready to laugh, cry, cringe and OVERSHARE.




Dix and Spaughton, married British comedians whose Rose and Rosie YouTube channel has more than 819,000 subscribers, spare no secrets in this thoroughly enjoyable joint memoir.--Publishers Weekly

Rose Ellen Dix Biography

Rose Ellen Dix (born 15 June 1988) and Rosie Spaughton (born 30 May 1990) are a married British comedy and entertainment duo who have gained popularity through their YouTube videos.

Early life

Rose Ellen Dix was born in Hereford and grew up in Ross-on-Wye with her brother, John and her sister, Laura. She studied Film and Screen Media at Hereford College of Arts. Roseanne Elizabeth Spaughton was born in Milton Keynes. She has two older brothers, Tom and William, and two younger half siblings through her mother, Joe and Isobel. Rosie's parents divorced when she was 3; she was raised by her mother in Malvern, Worcestershire whilst her father stayed in Milton Keynes. She attended Dyson Perrins Church of England Academy before going on to study at the University of Worcester, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Media & Culture.



Rose Dix joined YouTube for a university class, establishing the Rose Ellen Dix channel. She uploaded her first video, entitled "Rose Dix talks Lisa Scinta," on 30 September 2010. An early assignment during her film degree included attempting to make a video go viral. Dix posted a parody of Kesha's Tik Tok on 26 January 2011, and the video received an estimated 16,000 views in five days.Rosie Spaughton uploaded her first video, entitled "YDAHD," to her channel TheRoxetera, on 19 December 2011. She first appears on the Rose Ellen Dix channel in "Baffle Laffle Taffle Breakup" posted on 18 December 2011. Their first posted collaboration video was uploaded on 15 January 2012 to the Rose Ellen Dix channel. In 2014, Rose quit her job at an Apple Store in Worcester to focus on YouTube full-time. On 29 April 2016, Rose and Rosie expanded their presence on YouTube by creating a new channel called "Let's Play Games,” on which they post gaming videos, which were already present on their main channel, Rose Ellen Dix. However, they decided to make a place for more on this channel.In August 2016, they both made the AfterEllen Hot 100 list with Rosie at number 23 and Rose at 18. They also hit 100 million views on their main channel that month. Rosie's channel, Roxetera, was renamed Rose and Rosie Vlogs and the Rose's Rose Ellen Dix became Rose and Rosie. On May 23, 2021, their main channel hit 1 million subscribers.

Channels and content

The Rose and Rosie channel contains content in the style of “couch comedy” as well as challenges, tags, guides, gaming videos, and collaborations with other YouTubers, such as Hannah Witton, Hannah Hart, Shannon Beveridge, Cammie Scott, Amy Ordman, and Oli White. The couple has also collaborated with Grace Helbig.The Rose and Rosie Vlogs channel contains vlogs and various series, such as annual VLOGMAS videos, #RealTalk, and the BISEXY SERIES. In #RealTalk, Rose and Rosie attempt to discuss real-life conflicts/situations and use their personal experiences to share advice with viewers. Some of the pair's #RealTalk videos include videos titled “H ... Read full biography

Authors: Rose Ellen Dix Rosie Spaughton
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Imprint: Trapeze
Languages: | English |
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Publication date: June 25, 2019
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Publication City/Country: London, United Kingdom

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