Fine on Acting : A Vision of the Craft

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Fine on Acting : A Vision of the Craft
Author: Howard Fine Professor Chris Freeman
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Publisher: Havenhurst Books
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

Heralded as "Best Acting Teacher in LA" by Back Stage magazine, Hollywood s most sought after acting teacher Howard Fine reveals the winning technique that has garnered his students international acclaim and the industry s highest honors in his astonishing book FINE ON ACTING. During his twenty-five years as a teacher and director, Fine has developed a technique that is both useful and exciting. Emmy Award(r)-winning actor Michael Chiklis (THE SHIELD, FANTASTIC FOUR) writes in the foreword for FINE ON ACTING, You ve purchased this book because you either aspire to be an actor or want to be a better one. Either way you ve made a wonderful decision. Howard Fine is a great teacher. His philosophy and approach to the craft of acting are the most helpful, encouraging and practically applicable I ve ever encountered. FINE ON ACTING covers the essentials for actors, including The Common Mistakes, Rehearsal, Auditions, Stage vs. Television and Film Acting, and Comedy vs. Drama. Fine also offers valuable advice for troubleshooting challenging situations, such as playing opposite a bad actor, nerves, memorizing lines, working with a bad director, and being emotionally blocked. A close colleague of the legendary Uta Hagen and the founder of the Howard Fine Acting Studio, Fine has worked with hundreds of stars, including Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake, Lindsay Lohan, Salma Hayek, Simon Baker, Amanda Bynes, Gerard Butler, Jennifer Connelly, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Michelle Williams, Val Kilmer, Sela Ward, Jason Priestley, Kerry Washington, Amy Smart, Jared Leto, Wilmer Valderrama, Brooke Shields, Daryl Hannah, Rick Fox, Estella Warren, Christopher Meloni, Enrique Murciano, Garry Shandling, Alexa Vega, Heather Locklear, Geri Halliwell, Carla Gugino, James Belushi, Diana Ross, Jon Bon Jovi, and Josh Groban. Fine is one of the few elite acting experts who has devoted his primary career to perfecting the teaching and coaching of professional actors. His outstanding reputation is the product of his remarkable expertise uniquely coupled with his extraordinary gift to inspire."





Howard Fine Biography

Howard Fine is an American acting teacher, celebrity acting coach, Broadway theater director, and author. He is the founder of the Howard Fine Acting Studio in Hollywood and in Melbourne, Australia.

Early life

Fine was born in Providence, Rhode Island, he is the youngest of five children. His parents, Max, an American GI, and Nelly, a Holocaust survivor, were married in Shanghai before returning to the U.S. Due to a fluke scheduling conflict between French and German classes, Fine ended up taking his first theater class in high school. Fine's drama teacher spotted his directing talent and entrusted him with his first play to direct, Edward Albee's The Sandbox, at the age of 16. He was first introduced to the work of his mentor, Uta Hagen, while in high school. Fine's high school drama teacher taught from Hagen's first book, Respect for Acting, and would eventually take his class to New York City to watch classes at Hagen's studio. Howard never studied with Uta as an actor, and by the time they met they were each established teachers in their field. Their mutual love of teaching led to a close friendship between them which lasted until Hagen's death in 2004.


Early career

Fine completed his BA in Communication/Theater at Rhode Island College. After completing graduate school in Boston, Fine moved to New York City, where he landed his first teaching job at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. After one semester of teaching, he was promoted to head of the Acting Department at the age of 24, making him the youngest head in the studio's history. It was here that he developed a year-long training program known as "The Foundation", a version of which he still teaches at his studios in Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia.

Acting teacher

In 1985, Fine moved to Los Angeles with his best friend, Voice coach David Coury. Fine began his career in Los Angeles by privately coaching students in his living room, but in 1988, he had to expand to accommodate his growing classes. His studio has relocated several times since this 1980's before occupying its present location, 1320 N Highland Ave, at Fountain. Fine received national recognition for his teaching in 2006 when named "Best Acting Teacher in Los Angeles" in Back Stage West's "Best of Los Angeles" issue. Fine is still a full-time acting teacher and coach, and throughout the year he teaches his 9-week Foundation course, as well as several sections of ongoing scene study. His techniques are mostly derivative of Uta Hagen's teachings, and offer actors a practical approach of working in all media: whereas most acting schools focus on either imagination or hyper-realism, Fine believes actors need both. The Howard Fine Acting Studio is home to a unique Speech & Singing for Actors program, various intensives for actors of all experience levels, and a monthly series of entertainment industry talks made available to the public. He also offers annual masterclass ... Read full biography

Authors: Howard Fine Professor Chris Freeman
Publisher: Havenhurst Books
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