Peru - Kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon

Peru - Kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon
Author: Nathalie Bondil
Rating: 4.50
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Publisher: Five Continents Editions
Book Format: Hardback
Binding: None
Pages: 380
Hours of reading: 6.3 hours
Publication Date: 2021
Languages: | English |
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About the book

The mysterious beauty of Punu masks and the artistic culture of Gabon are presented in a detailed and engaging book accompanied by numerous full-colour illustrations. Accompanying a major travelling exhibition, this ambitious volume showcases more than 4,000 years of Peruvian art in approximately 350 diverse, exciting works. A large selection of pre-Columbian treasures, along with masterpieces dating from the colonial era and striking modern paintings and sculptures produced during the first half of the twentieth century, offer new perspectives on the rich cultural identity of the country. In this richly illustrated reference book, more than twenty international contributors explore the mythologies and rituals of ancient Andean civilisations; their perpetuation, concealment, or hybridisation with Catholicism during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; and the rediscovery and valorisation of Peruvian popular traditions and faiths in the twentieth century.





Nathalie Bondil Biography

Nathalie Bondil is a French and Canadian art historian and curator. She served as director general and chief curator of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts from 2007 to 2020. Bondil joined the museum in 1999 and is the first woman to be the museum's director. In 2019, she was awarded the Legion of Honour.


Nathalie Bondil holds a degree in art history from the École du Louvre. She successfully passed the entry examination for the École nationale du Patrimoine de Paris in 1994, then graduated in 1996, thereby becoming Conservateur du patrimoine d'État.From 1996 to 1998, she worked at the Musée National des Monuments Français (which now forms part of the Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine) as curator in charge of museography for the galleries dedicated to the 17th to 20th centuries, as part of the museum's renovation.In 1999, she was hired as curator for European art from 1800 to 1945, and in 2000, promoted to chief curator, taking charge of the Curatorial Department, Conservation, the Library, Archives, Publishing and Exhibitions at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. She was the Director of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts from 2007 to July 2020.


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Authors: Nathalie Bondil
Publisher: Five Continents Editions
Languages: | English |
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ISBN13: 9788874396290
ISBN10: 8874396295
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Illustrations: 320 colour
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Book Format: Hardback
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Pages: 380
Book Weight: 2280
Book Dimensions: 248x288x37
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Publication date: Feb. 28, 2019
First Publication Date: None
Publication City/Country: Milan, Italy

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