Self-Taught, Outsider and Folk Art : A Guide to American Artists, Locations and Resources

Self-Taught, Outsider and Folk Art : A Guide to American Artists, Locations and Resources
Author: Betty-Carol Sellen
Rating: 4.25
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Publisher: McFarland & Co Inc
Book Format: Paperback
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Pages: 320
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

Much has changed in the world of folk art since the millennium. Many of the recognized ""masters"" have died and new artists have emerged. Many galleries have closed but few new ones have opened, as artists and dealers increasingly sell through websites and social media. The growth and popularity of auction houses has altered the relationship between artists and collectors. In its third edition, this book provides updated information on artists, galleries, museums, auctions, organizations and publications for both experienced and aspiring collectors of self-taught, outsider and folk art. Gallery and museum entries are organized geographically and alphabetically by state and city.




"Important...well-researched...highly recommended." - Library Journal "A rich resource...useful." - ARBA "Lots of good information...highly recommended." - The Outsider "User-friendly...absorbing...invaluable." - Raw Vision "Excellent...there is no doubt that every serious collector will want to own a copy." - Folk Art Finder "Comprehensive...painstaking research...truly amazing." - Folk Art Messenger "Useful to both curious newcomers and serious collectors." - Ames News

Betty-Carol Sellen Biography

Brooklyn College Professor Emerita Betty-Carol Sellen has written numerous books in the fields of librarianship and reference. She is on the Board of Directors for Art Enables (Washington, D.C.) and is a member of the National Advisory Board for the Folk Art Society of America. A recipient of the Folk Art Society Award of Distinction, she lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The late Cynthia J. Johanson was a Folk Art Society of America and American Library Association member. She was division chief at the Library of Congress and lived in Washington, D.C. ... Read full biography

Authors: Betty-Carol Sellen
Publisher: McFarland & Co Inc
Languages: | English |
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ISBN13: 9780786475858
ISBN10: 0786475854
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Edition: Revised
Edition Statement: 3rd Revised edition
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Book Format: Paperback
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Pages: 320
Book Weight: 566.99
Book Dimensions: 178x254x20.32
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Publication date: Jan. 30, 2016
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Publication City/Country: Jefferson, NC, United States

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