Framed Ink : Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers

Framed Ink : Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers
Author: Marcos Mateu-Mestre Jeffrey Katzenberg
Rating: 4.30
Bestsellers Rate: 4240
Publisher: Design Studio Press
Book Format: Paperback
Binding: None
Pages: 128
Hours of reading: 2.1 hours
Publication Date: 2021
Languages: | English |
Price: 18,99 €

About the book

The ultimate guide to visual storytelling! How to make the audience ""feel"" the story while they are ""reading"" the story. Using his experiences from working in the comic book industry, movie studios and teaching, Marcos introduces the reader to a step-by-step system that will create the most successful storyboards and graphics for the best visual communication. After a brief discussion on narrative art, Marcos introduces us to drawing and composing a single image, to composing steady shots to drawing to compose for continuity between all the shots. These lessons are then applied to three diverse story lines - a train accident, a cowboy tale and bikers approaching a mysterious house. In addition to setting up the shots, he also explains and illustrates visual character development, emotive stances and expressions along with development of the environmental setting to fully develop the visual narrative.


The ultimate guide to visual storytelling How to make the audience "feel" the story while they...


"With Framed Ink, Marcos Mateu distills his twenty-plus year career in feature animation into a clear, practical manual on the language of images. Marcos has a special eye for composition, lighting, and continuity that creates a tangible sense of mood and drama in all of his work." - Jeffrey Katzenberg, Co-founder and CEO DreamWorks Animation SKG

Marcos Mateu-Mestre Biography

Spanish born Marcos Mateu-Mestre is a visual concept, traditional animation layout, and graphic novel artist whose film credits include titles such as 'Balto', 'The Prince of Egypt', 'Asterix and the Vikings' and 'Surf's Up' amongst others. With an extensive experience of twenty years in feature animation, working mainly for Dreamworks and Sony Pictures, he has also been teaching drawing, illustration and visual storytelling techniques for twelve years. His works as a film maker have mostly included both the design and cinematic aspects of film, taking care of frame composition, lighting and visual continuity of many key sequences in some major productions. ... Read full biography

Authors: Marcos Mateu-Mestre Jeffrey Katzenberg
Publisher: Design Studio Press
Languages: | English |
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ISBN13: 9781933492957
ISBN10: 1933492953
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Book Format: Paperback
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Pages: 128
Book Weight: 630
Book Dimensions: 217x278x14
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Publication date: Sept. 1, 2010
First Publication Date: None
Publication City/Country: Culver City, United States

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