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Author: Jordan School District
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Jordan School District Biography

Jordan School District is a school district in the southwestern portion of Salt Lake County, Utah, United States. It now employs 3,364 teachers and other licensed personnel who educate more than 57,800 students. An additional 3,092 employees provide support services for the system. Jordan District was the largest in Utah until the Canyons School District in the southeastern portion of the county split in 2009. Boundaries for Jordan District now include the communities of Bluffdale, Copperton, Herriman, Riverton, South Jordan and most of West Jordan.


One of the fastest-growing districts in the state, Jordan School District consists of 67 schools: 41 elementary, 13 middle, and 8 high schools, 2 technical schools, and 3 special schools.

High schools

Bingham (South Jordan) Copper Hills (West Jordan) Herriman (Herriman, Utah) Kings Peak (Bluffdale) Mountain Ridge (Herriman, Utah) Riverton (Riverton) West Jordan (West Jordan) Valley (South Jordan)

Middle schools

Copper Mountain (Herriman) Elk Ridge (South Jordan) Fort Herriman (Herriman) Hidden Valley (Bluffdale) Joel P. Jensen (West Jordan) Mountain Creek (South Jordan) Oquirrh Hills (Riverton) South Hills (Riverton) South Jordan (South Jordan) Sunset Ridge (West Jordan) West Hills (West Jordan) West Jordan (West Jordan)

Elementary schools

Antelope Canyon (West Jordan) Aspen (South Jordan) Bastian (Herriman) Blackridge (Herriman) Bluffdale (Bluffdale) Butterfield Canyon (Herriman) Columbia (West Jordan) Copper Canyon (West Jordan) Daybreak (South Jordan) Eastlake (South Jordan) Elk Meadows (South Jordan) Falcon Ridge (West Jordan) Foothills (Riverton) Fox Hollow (West Jordan) Golden Fields (South Jordan) Hayden Peak (West Jordan), K-6, 1,200 students, established 1999. Heartland (West Jordan) Herriman (Herriman) Jordan Hills (West Jordan) Jordan Ridge (South Jordan) Majestic Arts Academy (West Jordan) Midas Creek (Riverton) Monte Vista (South Jordan) Mountain Point (Bluffdale) Mountain Shadows (West Jordan) Oakcrest (West Jordan) Oquirrh (West Jordan) Ridge View (Herriman) Riverside (West Jordan) Riverton (Riverton) Rocky Peak (Bluffdale) Rosamond (Riverton) Rose Creek (Riverton) Silver Crest (Herriman) South Jordan (South Jordan) Southland (Riverton) Terra Linda (West Jordan) Welby (South Jordan) West Jordan (West Jordan) Westland (West Jordan) Westvale (West Jordan)

Technical Schools

Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers - North Campus (West Jordan) Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers - South Campus (Riverton)

Special Schools

Kauri Sue Hamilton (Riverton, Utah) River's Edge (South Jordan, Utah) South Valley (West Jordan)

Educational Programs

Southpointe Adult High (West Jordan, Utah)


The district was created in 1904 with 3,354 students. Its name and original boundaries were taken from the Jordan Stake of the LDS Church, which at the time spanned the breadth of the Salt Lake Valley from e ... Read full biography

Authors: Jordan School District
Publisher: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
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