Keep Going : 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad

Keep Going : 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad
Author: Austin Kleon
Rating: 4.31
Bestsellers Rate: 1533
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Book Format: Paperback
Binding: None
Pages: 224
Hours of reading: 3.7 hours
Publication Date: 2021
Languages: | English |
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About the book

The world is crazy. Creative work is hard. And nothing is getting any easier! In his previous books - Steal Like an Artistand Show Your Work!, New York Times bestsellers with over a million copies in print combined - Austin Kleon gave readers the key to unlock their creativity and then showed them how to share it. Now he completes his trilogy with his most inspiring work yet. Keep Going gives the reader life-changing, illustrated advice and encouragement on how to stay creative, focused, and true to yourself in the face of personal burnout or external distractions. Here is how to Build a Bliss Station - a place or fixed period where you can disconnect from the world. How to see that Every Day Is Groundhog Day - yesterday's over, tomorrow may never come, so just do what you can do today. How to Forget the Noun, Do the Verb - stop worrying about being a "painter" and just paint. Keep working. Keep playing. Keep searching. Keep giving. Keep living. Keep Going. It's exactly the message all of us need, at exactly the right time.




Praise for Austin Kleon: "Brilliant." --New York Magazine "Positively one of the most interesting people on the Internet." --The Atlantic

Austin Kleon Biography

Austin Kleon (born 1983) is a New York Times bestselling author of five books: Steal Like an Artist; Show Your Work!; Keep Going; Steal Like An Artist Journal; and Newspaper Blackout.Kleon's works focus on creativity in today's world. He has spoken at organizations such as Pixar, Google, and TEDx, and at conferences such as The Economist's Human Potential Summit and SXSW.

Early life

On June 16, 1983, Kleon was born in Circleville, Ohio, United States. Kleon's father was an associate professor at Ohio State University. Kleon's mother was a school counsellor and later a school principal. Kleon has two half brothers and a step sister. Kleon graduated as a valedictorian in high school.


Kleon attended Miami University in Ohio.


Kleon started his career in a public library in Cleveland, Ohio. While working in a library, Kleon became a blogger and posted his poems. Kleon also taught library users how to use computers. Kleon taught himself HTML and CSS. In Austin, Texas, Kleon became a web designer for the law school at University of Texas. Kleon published his poems as Newspaper Blackout. After Kleon's first book was published, he became a copywriter for Spring box, a digital ad agency.Kleon's work has been translated into over a dozen languages and featured on major media.Kleon publishes a weekly newsletter to 70,000+ subscribers.

Personal life

Kleon lives in Austin, Texas with his family.


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Authors: Austin Kleon
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Languages: | English |
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ISBN13: 9781523506644
ISBN10: 1523506644
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Book Format: Paperback
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Pages: 224
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Publication date: April 2, 2019
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Publication City/Country: New York, United States

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