Piano Time 1

Piano Time 1
Author: Pauline Hall
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Publisher: Oxford University Press
Book Format: Sheet music
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Pages: 48
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Publication Date: 2021
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About the book

Piano Time 1 starts at the very beginning, with simple five-finger tunes for hands separately and together, many with duet parts. It gradually addes more notes and techniques to cover sharps and flats, simple scales and keys, and a range of dynamics and symbols.


Begins with simple five-finger tunes for hands separately and together, many with duet parts. This title gradually adds more notes and techniques to cover sharps and flats, simple scales and keys, and a range of dynamics and symbols.


The highly popular Piano Time series has undergone a full facelift. The most striking change is the new presentation: all Piano Time series books now tout bright and shiny colourful covers, with illustrations throughout. The pedagogics have seen minor changes too: content is ordered with a more natural approach to pace and degree of difficulty. Free supplementary material for the series is also included. Downloads comprise additional new pieces, a teacher's guide and a few MP3s of the pieces. Without a doubt, the most useful is the free-to-print PDF material, divided into two categories: extra pieces for the student, and duet parts for the teacher. * Alec Boulton, Music Teacher, Feb 05 * It's brighter and even better says the sticker on the front of Pauline Hall's Piano Time volumes. And it's true! The tutors move at a good pace and both they and the repertoire books have added pieces and pictures with some particularly characterful contributions from Alan Bullard. * Pamela Lidiard, EPTA Piano Professional, Jan 05 *

Pauline Hall Biography

Pauline Hall (born Pauline Fredrika Schmidgall; February 26, 1860 – December 29, 1919) was an American stage actress and singer.


One of the most popular turn-of-the-twentieth-century prima donnas in America, Hall left school at the age of 14 and began her career as a dancer in her native Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1875. Shortly thereafter, Hall joined the Alice Oates Opera Company, leaving it to spend time touring in straight plays with Mary Anderson. By 1880 she was working for Edward E. Rice, who cast her in several of his musical productions, giving her, among others, the trouser role of the hero Gabriel in a revival that year of Evangeline.Hall continued to be a favorite in comic and light operas around the country until 1890. However, her greatest success came when she played the title role in the first American production of Erminie (1886–1888). She performed Erminie a record-breaking 800 times while on Broadway and touring around the United States, which made her a household name. Hall toured with her own companies from 1890 to 1896, and later entered vaudeville, reportedly earning as much as $600 a week by 1898. In all, she played in over two dozen Broadway operettas. She appeared in revivals of Robin Hood and The Geisha in 1912 and 1913 and in Ziegfeld productions near the end of her career. Although popular as an actress and singer, Hall was never given good notices by reviewers, who thought she was mediocre. She had an alluring figure, however, and she maintained it until her death in 1919 while playing in David Belasco's The Gold Diggers.Hall was married to Edward White from 1881 to 1889. She was then married to theatrical manager George B. McLellan (brother of playwright C. M. S. McLellan), from 1894 to 1902; she had a daughter by him in 1895.Hall died of bronchial pneumonia, at the age of 59, in Yonkers, New York.


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Authors: Pauline Hall
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Languages: | English |
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ISBN13: 9780193727847
ISBN10: 0193727846
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Edition: None
Edition Statement: New ed.
Illustrations: col. Illustrations
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Book Format: Sheet music
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Pages: 48
Book Weight: 238
Book Dimensions: 232x312x7
Circulation: None
Publication date: Nov. 2, 2006
First Publication Date: None
Publication City/Country: Oxford, United Kingdom

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