All Good Things : A Treasury of Images to Uplift the Spirits and Reawaken Wonder

All Good Things : A Treasury of Images to Uplift the Spirits and Reawaken Wonder
Author: Stephen Ellcock
Rating: 4.63
Bestsellers Rate: 10935
Publisher: September Publishing
Book Format: Hardback
Binding: None
Pages: 320
Hours of reading: 5.3 hours
Publication Date: 2021
Languages: | English |
Price: 20,35 €

About the book

Stephen Ellcock has an international following who avidly await his daily Facebook and Instagram uploads and his carefully curated and sequenced albums of images. His selections of little known and public domain imagery are uplifting and entertaining, drawing thousands of shares and comments. Now, taking his title from the first ever encyclopedia in the English language All Good Things (Omne Bonum), Ellcock's new compendium of art and photography inspired by both the natural world and human endeavour will appeal both to his digital followers and our image-focused, solace-seeking times. All Good Things is structured to evoke the medieval tradition of exquisite, illuminated books - beginning with the universal and travelling through the realms of sky, sea, earth, science and humanity before ending amongst the angels and monsters that have so preoccupied artists over the centuries. Using found artwork from archives, libraries and little-known collections of art, illustration, photography and textiles, this is a glorious adventure; one that can be appreciated on many levels.




''What you are doing is incredible and important.' John Lurie | 'Stephen, whoever you are ... I love every picture you've posted. Everyone should follow you.' Jerry Saltz

Stephen Ellcock Biography

Stephen Ellcock is a London-based online collector and curator of images, writer, researcher and former musician and bookseller who spends most of his time nowadays creating an ever-expanding, virtual museum on Facebook and Instagram.His ongoing attempt at creating the ultimate social media 'Cabinet of Curiosities' has so far attracted more than 350,000 followers and increasing media attention, not all of which is unwelcome. ... Read full biography

Authors: Stephen Ellcock
Publisher: September Publishing
Languages: | English |
Original Language:
ISBN13: 9781912836000
ISBN10: 1912836009
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Edition: None
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Illustrations: None
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Book Format: Hardback
Book Binding: None
Paper: None
Font: None
Pages: 320
Book Weight: 907.18
Book Dimensions: 178x210x25.4
Circulation: None
Publication date: Dec. 3, 2019
First Publication Date: None
Publication City/Country: United Kingdom

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